Circle Premium DNA

The worlds most comprehensive DNA test. With whole exome sequencing and 500+ reports and genetic counselling support. Understand your genetic risk of developing certain cancers , diseases and other health conditions with this early detection test. With reports on cancer screening, common health risks , family planning, dementia and brain health , disease risk and drug responses. Circles cancer risk determines whether or not you carry inherited genetic mutations that may increase your risk of developing cancer. Along with cancer we report on how your genetics may impact your risk of developing certain diseases . Our reports provide you with information and tools that help you understanding of your risks as well as how you can take preventable measures now to avoid these diseases manifesting later in life.

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Diet Fit

Listen to your genes and shape up your meals with the Diet Fit DNA test. You will get diet insights, nutrient insights , personalised meal plans, and personalised nutrition. There is no such thing as a one size fits all approach to diet and nutrition. With this test we will help you discover your unique nutrigenetic profile , with an in depth selection of personalised insights. Discover how to build your perfect meal with carbohydrate and fat response , take control of your long term health with personalised recommendations.

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Health Fit

Explore a holistic approach to health. You will get diet insights, nutrient insights , fitness insights, and meal and training plans and stress and sleep insights as well. There is no such thing as a one size fits all approach to health. This test will personalise your meal and training plan for optimal future health and well being!

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Snap Shot

Snap Shot is a home blood test to pro actively optimise your lifestyle and track your progress towards your health goals. Snap shot combines genetic information with live health data to shed light on how your lifestyle influences your health. Your Snap Shot results are analysed by a doctor and delivered in a simple , easy to consume format. Snap Shot is an additional layer of in depth insight into your body . Our simple at home blood test will track 9 blood markers over 3 key health categories including heart health  which covers cholesterol. and triglycerides, and diabetes risk which covers HbA1c , and liver function looking at alanine aminotransferase and alkaline phosphatase 


12 Week Health Transformation

Take your DNA Fit journey to the next level with our 12 week health transformation coaching plan. You will receive a launch video call focused on your nutrition, 5 nutrition progress calls, a seven day meal plan, and unlimited online coaching support. You will also get a dietician nutrition support, meal plan and unlimited online expert support as well. Everything you need to transform your health based on your genetic results!

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DNA Fit Cook Book

Your personalised cook book based on your DNA fit results! The DNA Fit cook book has been developed to give you another way to enjoy your DNA Fit results. With over 50 tailor made recipes you will have exciting meals for all occasions. Reach your nutrition goals with your personalised printed DNA Fit cook book!