Smart DNA

Plus Cardiac Test

CHD remains the leading cause of death and disability despite recent improvements in disease management. This test will look at your CHD risks genetically and give you a calculated heart health age as well and recommend lifestyle changes based on your test results! These test results could help prevent a heart attack from happening and will give you your personalised 5 year cardiac profile of unstable cardiac lesions . Resulting in a preventative CHD risk test with optimal results!

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Genomic Wellness Plus Test

The genomic wellness plus test covers 160 DNA changes with comprehensive analysis and action steps. This test will cover metabolic syndromes, inflammation, sodium sensitivity, co- enzyme Q10 , omega 3 & 6 fats, vitamins, methylation, choline, caffeine metabolism, coeliac disease, lactose intolerance, oxidative stress, detoxification, weight management and physiogenomics. 

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Smart GUT Microbiome Test

The Smart GUT test sequences all of the bacteria in your microbiome that plays a big part in your wellness. Smart GUT uses machine learning and advanced statistical techniques to analyse the bacteria in your sample. Your Smart GUT insights includes how your microbiome compares to the healthy population, the level of diversity in your microbiome, a dysbiosis compass , the ration of the two main microbiome groups, dietary profiling and much more . Sign up for this test to look at your gut microbiome in detail and get key insights into your gut health!

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IBS GUT Detector

The IBS GUT detector test sequences all of the bacteria associated with the detection of IBS irritable bowel syndrome. The test will tell you if you have bacteria associated with IBS, it will also indicate which of the subtypes of IBS you may have, it will also compare your microbiome sample with the healthy population, it will show the diversity of bacteria in your microbiome , and measures the ratio of two main groups in the gut microbiome as well as providing metagenomic pathway analysis. With this test you will get genetic insights into whether you have or likely to get IBS

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GUT Spectrum Detector

The GUT spectrum detector test sequences bacterial signatures associated with Autism. The test will indicate if IBS related bacteria are a feature of the sample given, it will compare your microbiome sample with the healthy population, it will indicate the diversity of the bacteria in the microbiome , it will provide a dysbiosis compass map, it will also help determine how your dietary intake is affecting your microbiome, and determines down to the species level of identification the abundant gut commensals, and provides a metagenomic pathway analysis. 

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