Biomechanics Full Assessment

Biomechanics is the study of the human body and how it's mechanisms move naturally. It covers intrinsic and extrinsic function. Sharon can now offer you a full biomechanical assessment .Which will include screening of the neck, shoulders, back, hips ,knees, ankles and feet. Identifying weaknesses in the body and ROM at the joints , where pain is located and areas of functional movement. This will show you how flexible you are, provide a sound basis to develop individualised bespoke corrective programmes and can be incorporated into an occupational screening process. Body Coach Fitness can then offer  a fully individualised biomechanics corrective exercise program for pain free movement.

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Postural Alignment Therapy

As a biomechanics coach and corrective exercise specialist Sharon Clare can help create a corrective exercise program and provide pain relief from back, hip , and knee pain , migraine headaches , neck pain, degenerative joint conditions and a myriad of other conditions. Skype exercise therapy with postural alignment and corrective exercise program will still give you the same personalised exercise therapy you receive in person but can be done from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a computer with a web cam .It is possible to assess , analyse and correct your biomechanics through this method. An initial skype session will cover your postural analysis to determine your future skype corrective exercise program. We will email you , your own personalised corrective exercise program based upon assessment .Ideal for busy people with busy lives !

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Body Coach Home & Work Assessment

Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer a biomechanics home and work assessment package. The way you sit and stand , walk and sleep and live will affect your biomechanics and your posture.This will include a full biomechanics assessment with gait analysis, home assessment , work assessment and lifestyle , work and health quiz with a full biomechanics report at the end of the assessment

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Pre Employment Fit For Work

Body Coach Fitness has developed an additional fit to work assessment to accompany the Body Coach Fitness fit for work program. This will involve a functional biomechanics screen to ensure that your intended work force is functionally fit to carry out their job role. The benefits to the potential employee is reduced health and safety risks and less work injuries and the benefits to the employer is that you take on the right person for the correct role with less sickness absence. 

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Back In Action

Book a biomechanics assessment with Sharon Clare and receive a free referral to an ergonomic specialist who will offer you a consultation  for specialist products for your mobility and back pain needs . Beat back pain at work, home or at play with this new referral scheme .A Body Coach Fitness biomechanics Back In action assessment will improve your functional strength and flexibility and movement patterns.Book your Back In Action program today.

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MSK Screening For Performance 

The back on track MSK screening  program is for athletes looking for improved sports performance through biomechanical screening. Optimising athletic performance , preventing future injuries and providing pain free movement. You will be biomechanically screened initially and then taken through 5 different phases of corrective training for optimal sports performance. A truly bespoke program for all of your athletic  needs

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Ergonomics Of Driving Position

Remaining alert is most essential when controlling a vehicle on the road .The driving position is very important for this to occur. The family car is well designed to get from one point to another but is not ergonomically designed for every different driver. Body Coach Fitness Driving & ergonomic assessment can be used as an occupational health and safety tool to find your ideal ergonomically designed postural position. The assessment will include driving position analysis, driving ergonomics assessment, selecting a suitable vehicle, car environment  and getting in and out of your vehicle.

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Biomechanics In Pregnancy

Body Coach Fitness now offers biomechanics , gait and lower back pain analysis for pregnant ladies looking at addressing MSK issues due to pregnancy. You will then receive a personalised corrective exercise program specific to you addressing all issues found in the assessment. 

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Childrens Biomechanics Program

Body Coach Fitness has developed a children's biomechanics program . This works on treating and addressing early foot deformities and paediatric foot health. Your child will be assessed biomechanically and gait analysis and a suitable children's orthtic will be prescribed for them to address all issues found in the assessment.

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Seniors Biomechanics Program

Body Coach Fitness now offers a senior biomechanics program.The senior will be fully biomechanically assessed including gait analysis and a corrective exercise program will be prescribed to help prevent future falls and injuries which senior people have quite frequently. This program is a vital step in prevention of falls in the elderly .

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Equine Biomechanics 

Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer equine biomechanics for horse and rider. Horse riders spend a lot of time ,money and energy ensuring the horse is well looked after so it makes sense to invest in this program. This program will include a full postural and biomechanical assessment of the horse rider and a corrective exercise program will be designed based on results of this assessment. To include core , cardio, upper and lower body strength and body awareness , balance and pelvic function exercises. Specific rider class clinics will also be available and rider assessment days and a 12 week corrective exercise program individualised to you!

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I Move Freely For Seniors

I move freely for seniors is a biomechanics technique and a seriesof movement improvement techniques to improve intrinsic capacity &  function. Muscle energy techniques MET's or nerve mobilisations The I move freely for seniors program will help seniors move more freely and mobilise them without pain. Starting with breath biomechanics and NHS guided breathing techniques to support those returning back from illness such as long covid and respiratory issues. It can have a good effect for low grade niggles and poor mobility which often occurs in seniors. It is a simple system to follow and safe and easy to perform and all the exercises are adapted to seniors making mobilisation progressive and safe to improve guidance of movement.

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I Move Freely Sports Specific Series

I move freely is a biomechanics technique and a series of movements to improve intrinsic capacity and function. Muscle energy techniques MET's or nerve mobilisations and pure joint mobilisation. The I move freely sports specific series covers a wide range of sports including cycling, running, dancing, weight lifting ball sports such as tennis rugby and football and motor sports among others.  Starting with breath biomechanics and NHS guided breathing techniques to support athletes in their respiratory health and sports performance .It has a good effect on low grade sports injuries and niggles and can help with post rehabilitation after sports injury aiding in the full sporting performance mobilisation of athletes post injury. It is a simple system to follow and safe and easy for all levels of athlete from amateur to professional. Contact us for further information on this new group class for active people and sports athletes. 

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