Sports Analytics

Cycling Analytics

Our male and female cycling blood test is specifically for men and women to optimise energy reduce injury associated with stress and endurance sports. There are 18 biomarkers tested and test results will be completed within 2 working days.


Running Analytics

Our male and female running analytics test, will help identify key areas to work on to help improve your endurance ,speed and endurance and overall performance.18 biomarkers are tested for and test results will be available within 2 working days.


Triathlon Analytics

The triathlon female and male tests will help you to identify what your body needs to perform at it's best by measuring biomarkers 
tailored to the female and male athlete. 18 biomarkers are tested for  and test results will be available within 2 working days


Cross Fit Analytics

Get the most out of your interval training sessions with our female and male cross fit athlete blood tests. Identify areas to improve to help optimise your performance. It covers 18 biomarkers and test results will be available in 2 working days


Power Lifting Analytics

This test can help female and male power lifters avoid injury whilst looking to improve strength and power out put. This test looks at 18 biomarkers and test results are available within 2 working days


MyFORM RED-S Analytics

MyFORM RED-S is a ground breaking female hormone mapping test designed specifically for females with a high training load.To help aid recovery from RED-S .This test includes 4 biomarkers and test results will be available within 2 days.


Advanced Testosterone Analytics

Designed for men on TRT who want to complete pictures of hormone health by measuring testosterone levels along with other areas of health that may be impacted by increased testosterone. This test included 12 biomarkers and test results will be available within 2 working days.


Free Testosterone Analytics

Our at home free testosterone hormone testing kit is specifically designed for men who are wanting to test their testosterone level.
It included 4 different biomarkers and test results will be available within 2 working days


Sportomics  Functional Medical Testing

Body Coach Fitness is now a provider of Sportomics a functional medicine analytics text which investigates the effects of physical exercise and sport in individuals . Sportomics works to advance knowledge in integrative physiology and the systems of biology of movement with a goal to translate markers associated with metabolic challenges of training/competition to stresses of disease settings. Microbiome analyses of athletes generally confirms beneficial changes of exercise and sport through changes in the gut microbiome. Plus recent research in the microbiome has highlighted lactates role in exercise and sports performance and metabolism. Lactate metabolism is regulated and recognised as a marker of metabolic health. Functional medicine testing highlights the changes in exercise to guide management and education of the athlete through movement recommendations and a program. Body Coach Fitness sports performance .


Core 14 Sports Performance Test

Core 14 sports performance profile testing is a powerful finger prick sample including tests for vitamin D , vitamin B12, folate,ferritin, magnesium, zinc,copper,sodium, calcium and albumin, testosterone , SHBG and testosterone. The test results will be available within 5 working days.


Ultimate Performance Blood Test

Body Coach Fitness Ultimate performance blood test for men and women gives you a comprehensive health check, including advanced profiles for your hormone health ,thyroid function and sports nutrition. Are you looking to transform your body through diet and exercise and want to track progress? Our ultimate performance blood test is for people who want to be on top of their game! Whether you are an athlete , bio hacker or looking for the ultimate blood test for your health. If you want to learn as much about your body as possible and track your progress as you fine tune your diet and fitness choose  our ultimate performance test .This tests for 56 biomarkers and results take 3 working days to become available after blood collection. 

Price= £250.00