Events & Work Shops

Sustainable Eating

A seminar and discussion on the environmental and nutritional issues and choices we need to make for health and fitness. Sustainable  healthy eating and the benefits of traditional farming methods and traditional nutrition and how to incorporate healthier solutions and more sustainable and environmentally friendly daily practices to nourish both ourselves and the environment we live in. A more natural holistic approach to life. To include -local solutions to global problems , principles and practices for healthy nutrition ,sustainability and the environment and its relationship to health and nutrition , advice on delicious nutrient rich foods and natural ingredients for the body and mind healing with a more whole body system-holistic approach. For anyone who is interested in nutrition and their health and how we can nourish ourselves whilst improving  our environment -Sustainable living .


Healthy Eating On A Budget

A 1.5-2 hour workshop on how to eat on a healthy budget .A fitting subject when we are surrounded by cheap convenience foods and beverages and little time these days! Covering subjects such as - Why is it important to eat healthy? Shopping healthily on a budget, barriers to eating healthy on a budget, measuring the impact of not eating healthily. At the end of the work shop you will have the knowledge of the impact of not eating healthily, and a basic understanding of how to make healthy and affordable changes to your diet, practical budgeting tips and how to make healthier changes to food and beverage choices. 


Plant It Grow It Eat It 

A new fun interactive creative workshop for adults and children alike. Making the connection between food , the table, the community and the environment. Exploring how to engage yourself or your children in growing , preparing and eating healthy fruit and vegetables from seed to plate and using gardening as a fun physical activity . It includes a welcome introduction, values of eating the colours of the rainbow, whole food vs processed , growing preparing and cooking produce and recipes for eating healthily. Some theory and practical involved. Suitable for small groups at school, community groups and the general public. 

Price = From £75.00

Genetics Epigenetics & Nutrigenomics

Body Coach Fitness will come to your health club, wellness centre or community group and explain all about DNA genetic testing for health and wellbeing, sports performance and nutrition. The seminar will be a brief introduction to the benefits of genetic and nutrigenomic testing .An hour of motivational and informational talk to recommend tests which would be suitable for your healthy lifestyle journey!  An introduction to food intolerance testing and much more. Price will depend on location, numbers attending and depth of information required.

Price on Application

Fat Loss 

A 1 hour fat loss work out including specific exercises that will help with fat loss. A 15 minute break to get changed for the next part of the workshop. The 1 hour talk on healthy eating and best foods for fat loss and what sort of foods you should be eating to stay energised and some clean eating recipes as well. There will also be a group discussion and question and answer session as well on fat loss tips.

Price =100.00  

Aging Gracefully

Inevitably we get older every day! But let me fill you with hope and a possibility of life after 40 .By making the right choices with nutrition, supplements , lifestyle choices , work life balance , stress levels we can help avoid or delay the aging process. This work shop will include general practical advice on nutritional therapy, supplements and lifestyle choices , physical activity ideas, stress reduction and how our view on aging compares with other cultures .To enable us to be more inspired and positive about this phase in life! How to create your own anti aging lifestyle health and fitness journey! This will include untangling the implications of aging , exercise guidelines , natural nutrition and supplementation advice ,life detox and positive lifestyle choices and thought processes and healthy anti aging behaviours to age gracefully!

Price=From £75.00 


Prehab before rehab -want to avoid injury? Add prehab moves to your training and go from pain to pain free with essential movements. Do not mistake prehab for just a warm up and cool down prehab can help to reduce injury risks. There are about 50 or more moves of which 21 are essential and this work shop will run through the most useful ones for prevention of injury. 

Price = £75.00

Equine Rider

Training a horse rider is much like training a gymnast needing great skill and patience. Body Coach Fitness Equine Rider work shop is an introduction to biomechanics and the importance of functional movement , stability, core strength and positive mind set . Covering fitness, nutrition for rider, mind set , mobility and core strength. You will find out what major muscles of the body are involved in horse riding and how to improve your core strength specific to rising as well as nutritional advice .You will learn simple exercises which you can do at home or in the gym with minimal equipment to improve riding posture ,core strength, mobility and flexibility .You will discover how movement affects your body and how to improve it for improved riding technique and much more . It will be a mix of practical and theory for a 2.5- 3 hour period of time. 

Price on Application

Kids Creative Lunch Day Work shop

New kids creative lunch day work shop 1.5 hours long and suitable for 5- 11 year olds. Taking them through a health food journey , encompassing both practical and theory at a level that is designed to ignite their interest and feed the imagination of the children. Suitable for schools and activity groups ,taking children through a tasting journey of discovery , design and devouring their food creations whilst learning the benefits and uses of each food ingredient used. Education, interactive and informative. Learning food groups , finding out different tastes , textures and shapes of different breads, fruits and vegetables. Getting them to roll up their sleeves and get involved in designing and creating fun food designs from a list of ingredients and then judging the best one. Then getting to taste each others creations in their lunch hour work shop. 

Price on Application

Train The Trainer Workshop

Body Coach Fitness now offers other personal trainers a seminar /workshop to educate , train and inspire them to create , build, boost and promote their businesses on a budget. Created by Sharon Clare who has experience and knowledge in the fitness industry on the pitfalls to avoid and the ups and downs of running a personal training business. This work shop will include tips and techniques to help you succeed in a highly competitive market on a budget. Including PR , marketing, international online sales, creating a brand image and the importance of a USP. This is an opportunity for professional networking with industry colleagues to exchange ideas and a stepping stone to your business success!

Price= £150.00

Youth Weight Training Clinic

A must attend seminar/workshop for young people interested in participating in weight lifting. Introducing and explaining the benefits such as increased self esteem and confidence , improvement in lean mass and reduction in excess body fat and development of strong bone density. Examples of safe effective exercises , an introduction to healthy eating and supplementation will all be covered in this workshop. 

Price =£75.00

Muscle Master Class

A series of seminars /master classes on the principles and application of all things muscle! From weight training for beginners to learning the fundamentals of the olympic lifts and everything in between . Each master class will involve some back ground theory and /or practical covering different methods of strength training , programming and exercise selection for different body parts and phases of training .Each master class will be tailored to the audiences needs and is ideal for anyone starting out in strength training who needs guidance and motivation to become a more advanced lifter. 

Price= From £75.00

Fit Figure Posing 

A work shop for new and aspiring competitors in fitness, figure and body building. A mini 2 hour work shop dedicated to teaching people how to pose and present themselves to the judges. Including how to carry out the standard poses and how to create a posing routine , poise and facial expressions and general presentation  on stage .This will fully prepare you for your special day and put you at ease in the judging process!


Choreography Work shop

The ability to choregraph a good routine could make the difference to placing in the top 3 of a fitness competition. I can help you choose your music to match your moves and create sizzle to your dance /posing routines in this 2 hour work shop. Ramp up your performance with this professional choreography work shop!


Post Pregnancy Rehab

A 4 week course of 1 hour workshops covering post natal rehab .An ideal kick start to gain pre pregnancy levels and to invest in your future. All workshops will be in small groups. During the 4 weeks you will have access to a biomechanical assessment to check for postural analysis , glute activation and diastasis rectis post pregnancy and to check for pelvic control. You will receive a BMI assessment and blood pressure analysis , a nutrition plan and we will cover exercise prescription to improve glute activation , core strength and function and improve posture 

Price = £225.00

Posture Care Work shop

A 1.5 hour workshop dedicated to back care to help with your posture. One of the most important but under estimated part of the body which is at the core of all functional movement and when out of alignment will cause discomfort and pain. This work shop will give you tips, advice and information on what causes back pain and poor posture , and how to help prevent it in every day life and how to assess and correct common muscle dysfunctions due to spinal misalignment and poor posture ,so correcting issues with pain. 


Run Work shop

Want to improve your personal best run time , speed or technique? Then this could be the work shop for you! Learn stretching techniques to prevent injury and learn all about bare foot running on this work shop. A 2-2.5 hour work shop including advice on running technique for your gait, information on the benefits of the bare foot running technique , warm up and cool down stretches and dynamic flexibility techniques , drills and skills posture and gait analysis and general advice on your run sessions.

Price on Application  

 Wellness  Coaching Workshop 

An interactive workshop which will help you to live the intentional life! Covering subjects such as behaviour change, stages of change, the journey process and how to plan for action and keys to success ! Health wellness and happiness workshop for everyone looking to start their health and wellbeing journey!


Cooking Classes

Whether you are on the go , have a family or live on your own or wish to get a small group of friends together to create a cooking class party. One of the best ways to stick to a healthy eating plan is by knowing how to take all the fruit, vegetables , whole grains and meats and combine them together to create a quick and delicious meal. Also knowing the nutrients in food groups and where they come from and the healthiest way of preparing and cooking them. Body Coach Fitness has a new healthy cooking class option for people who want to learn basic , straight up  advice on how to prepare and cook quick easy healthy meals in the comfort of their own home. Let me do all the planning and preparing and I will create a choice of 3 meals, snacks or desserts based on what you like and what you would like to learn. WE can talk about how to select the right ingredients , food groups and how to cook healthily , how to store food and how to create health meals .Each session will be for 2 hours and you will get to keep all the ingredients.

Price on Application

The Big 3 Squats Deadlifts & Bench

A 2 hour master class in the big 3- Squats, deadlifts and bench. Techniques and variations on these big 3 staple strength, power and muscle building exercises. We will cover regressions and advanced versions of each big 3 exercise and corrective exercises for them. An ideal work shop for anyone looking to weight lift!


Glutes Workshop

A 2 hour in depth workshop -tried and tested glute exercises to target that stubborn area whilst addressing corrective issues and strengthening core and lower back. Including exercises in resistance bands, corrective exercises, body weight exercises, cable exercises , functional kettle bell exercises and deadlift variations. 


Legs Master Class

A 2 hour master class on all things legs! Upgrade your wheels with this multi functional work shop. Improve your squat , learn new functional leg exercises with bands and body weight and correct imbalances and improve basic technique to gain the most out of your leg session each week with this leg master class!

Price =£100.00