Your Gut Map

Your Gut Map Microbiome Test

Body Coach Fitness now offers Your Gut Map Microbiome testing panels. An at home stool samle collection kit with a 3 minute health questionnaire and 30+ page health report and personalised diet guide together with your microbiome test. Your microbiome is home to trillions of bacteria and modern diets and lifestyles can cause imbalances  in this causing chronic inflammation and metabolic dysfunction causing many health problems. This mRNA genetic sequencing test identifies microbiome imbalances with an AI test report looking into 30 + different health conditions. It will also provide you with a personal diet guide with all the foods and drinks that could affect your microbiome. Allowing you to rebalance and optimise your microbiome by making simple adjustments based on 300 foods and drinks.


Your Gut Map Food Sensitivity Test

Follow your unique gut map to optimise well being " All disease stems from the gut" according to Hippocrates. Body Coach Fitness now offers My Gut Map food sensitivity testing kits which is a professional health practitioner only finger prick test looking into 210 food and drink ingredients. You can discover your unique food print of foods & drinks and identify foods you shouls reduce in your diet and foods you should eliminate based on your individual immune response. Your total IgG reactivity shows your current immune response to certain foods and unlocking key markers in your diet plan could improve your gut health. This lab test takes around 3 days for test results and you will receive a 12 page nutrition guide as well. Your food sensitivity test report is easy to navigate and includes information on vegetables, fish,meat, dairy, eggs, nuts and seeds and herbs and spices ,drinks and supplements as well

Price= £280.00

Your Gut Map DNA Map Genetic Test

The Your Gut Map DNA Map genetic test is an at home slaiva swab sample with lab test results within 3 working days. Your genes do not have to be your destiny. Understanding your genetic predispositions can give you vital tools to understand and manage your health. DNA Map explores your personal genetic profile which looks at 8 elements of health and well being eg- digestive health, metabolism, stress, immunity, nutrients, stimulants and exercise and sleep. This test will look at 29 SNP's and genes for nutrition and lifestyle according to your genetic make up. From basic insights into how well you can tolerate caffeine to your digestive health and exercise.


Your Gut Map Parasitology Test

Body Coach Fitness is delighted to announce that we are now able to offer a new Your gut map parasitology test .This is a great addition to our already successful microbiome testing. It is a simple at home stool test swab reporting about 22 different parasites ,bacteria and viruses with a 2 week turn around time from lab analysis . It is testing for heliobacter pylori, clostridium difficile, salmonella, E coli 0157, adeno virus, astrovirus, and giardia lanbia among othets.


Your Gut Map Health Supplement Bundle

Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer a daily nutraceutical bundle of supplements by Your Gut Map. It is designed by nutritional scientists to help your body naturally balance your microbiome. Ingredients are sourced in the most bio available and powerful  form and formulated precisely for optimal effectiveness just from 3 daily pills. Your Gut Map health supplement bundle includes 60 days supply of 3 daily nutraceuticals. The 3 nutraceuticals are a pre & pro biotic capsules to repopulate levels of good bacteria and tumeric & black pepper and an anti oxidant complex with 18 gut friendly anti oxidants to help with detoxification and microbiome rebalancing  Supplements should not be used in place of good nutrition through food however they are an addition to this helping rebalance your gut microbiome.