Women's Wellness

Body Coach Ageless Aging Program

This unique wellness package is designed to help ladies through a change process - mid life pre to post menopause phase. This is a time when the body goes through different life change processes such as hormonal and physical changes. This often results in a plateau in exercise , health and fitness goals and requires a more specialised approach to training and nutrition to achieve results!The Body Coach Fitness Ageless aging wellness program is specifically targeting this group and includes nutrition advice and planning, specific exercise programming and a pre screen assessment and lifestyle assessment for best results!

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Body Coach Fit Period Program

Body Coach Fitness fit period program helps you to take charge of your menstrual cycle when exercising. No more excuses for not exercising 1 week of the month due to bloating, feeling uncomfortable, moody, lethargic or period pains.This program includes what to eat and what not to eat, home/gym exercise program, meal suggestions , relaxation tips and laboratory testing for your hormones and much more.

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Body Coach Vital Core Program

Body Coach Fitness vital core program is a comprehensive program designed for women in need of improved pelvic floor function either post pregnancy, due to ill health and injury and to improve your sex life or just as part of the normal aging process. It includes targeted specific intrinsic pelvic floor function exercise program, pre assessment for pelvic/core control, women's wellness advice and tips , nutrition and lifestyle advice and Body Coach fitness method for the 3 c's (core-control & continence).

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Body Coach Fertility Fitness Program

Did you know that 1 in 6 couples in the UK has trouble conceiving naturally resorting to expensive IVF treatment to have children. Learn how to overcome PCOS , endometriosis and fibroids and create and conceive naturally with Body Coach fitness pre conception fitness system. The Body Coach Fitness fertility fitness program will include advice on how to create an objective visualisation program setting physical , physiological and mental goals to get ready for conception, advice on nutrition, the Body Coach fitness preconception fitness system, a comprehensive fertility fitness vitality plan to help combat fatigue and increase energy levels and advice on how to train in the early stages of pregnancy to prevent miscarriage and how to deal with PCOS, endometriosis and fibroids through diet and exercise to help with fertility issues 

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Mot For Mums

Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the new Mot for mums .Ideal for post natal ladies looking for an assessment on their pelvic floor issues. Your body undergoes many physical and mental changes through child birth and this Mot for mums could be an additional assessment which could help improve your future health and fitness after childbirth. The program will include a postural biomechanical screen, core and pelvic assessment, advice on baby exercise, and customised bespoke programming based on assessments.

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Pregnancy Massage

Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer pregnancy massage. To help promote relaxation, reduce fluid retention, reduce stress and anxiety, relieve sciatica , boost circulation, aid digestion, and reduce post natal depression. An ideal relaxing massage for mum and baby. Body Coach Fitness pregnancy massage will aid your relaxation through the pregnancy process and will help to prepare you for the birth of your baby.

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Body Coach Skin Regeneration

Body Coach Fitness bespoke skin regeneration program has a unique approach to skin care. Healthy glowing skin is a sign of good health and fitness and should form part of your every day health and fitness regime. Any imbalances in hormones , immunity, digestion and inflammation can contribute to skin problems. Sharon will work with you helping you to manage specific skin conditions and helping you attain a healthy glow and prevent premature aging by creating a bespoke nutritional program and skin regeneration program

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Biomechanical Menopause Stage

Menopause is defined as the point at which a woman has not had a period for 12 consecutive months .This is a singular point in time and gives something we only recognise when looking back. The stage before this, the peri menopause is often ill defined but it can be debilitating  & frustrating and unpredictable and leads up to the point of the menopause .Peri menopause lasts approximately 4- 8 years but it can start up 10 years or even 15 years in advance of the menopause. Body Coach Fitness offers an educational program in the biomechanical menopause stage. Symptoms can include menstrual changes ,regulation of symptoms ,sleep disturbances mood changes ,brain fog and memory problems . Many people also do not recognise who they are ,or how they got there. This program will help you recognise these symptoms and help you make a plan as each woman will not have  exactly the same experience and it will help with management strategies ,including recording a diary of  symptoms in addition to medications such as a hormone therapy with oestrogen, progesterone & testosterone or other non hormone medications 

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Menopause Matters 

Body Coach Fitness has developed a new online course called menopause matters for women going through the menopause. It will provide guidance for " at home and at work" it will also act to support colleagues,families friends know menopausal women Our aim is to support people in the " UK and the world" with menopausal and peri menopausal symptoms as well as local small & medium enterprises raising awareness of the menopause. We offer an online course support group for women with menopausal symptoms it offers 5 online sessions and spaces aimed at fully organising women with peri menopausal & menopausal symptoms Each session is designed to address and focus on different areas of support to help people understand their symptoms. This course offers support for " all employers" with menopausal workers. Plus additional support for peri menopausal women with an additional mental health tool kit and online videos in subjects such as what is the menopause ? managing symptoms, menopause & sleep managing anxiety & building a support network and reflections. Price on Application

Natural Menopause Method Online Retreat

Enjoy a year long retreat learning about what is going on in your body at the menopause and how food and a simple lifestyle shifts can help support your journey. There will be monthly  clinics across the year with me & Q& A retreat forums & special guest work shops too Hugely excited to announce that my online retreat has now launched and it is in full swing. Its an annual retreat from the comfort of your own home with talks by me on lots of different topics in the retreat library & downloadable PDFS to track symptoms and to fill out food diaries. There are also monthly clinics which are live and deep dive into different topics such as do we need to supplement ?There are is also a retreat forum where I answer your queries along the way too & even a virtual retreat gift bag. There are also bonus programs such as " days of nourishment" where I put together a menu plan for the month and lots of tips for breakfast and lunch. My aim is to feel more in control of your "menopause journey" whether you are on HRT or not and to feel like yourself again .


The Sisterhood Circles

The body coach fitness sisterhood circle is being together and healing together and rising together. A woman's life is fast paced and lonely we have limited time  "with the world" .  We create a safe space for you to learn to nuture yourself and find joy in your " world wide community". Learn how to connect, learn and nourish each other and emerge feeling complete and nutured. Our online sister hood circles are an opportunity to give , care and connect freely & teach each other about feeling nutured. Our topics are nuturing our feminine side , our soul, our body and our body image and relationships. Our sisterhood circles tend to be a 1 hour long and our topics to focus on help practice creativity and open discussion and self worth

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Feel Good Gardening

Many of us are on a quest for self improvement .We want to increase our mental well being. Gardening can make a difference in our ability to achieve our goals. The WHO world health organisation defines good health as " a state of complete physical mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity". A person sedentary can have a negative impact on our health and well being causing physical and mental stress. Nature deficit disorder is also associated with higher rates of stress, anxiety, chronic pain ,obesity diabetes and other diseases. Dig in and use gardening and learn how to cultivate happy hormones and the benefits of bird song  & how to stimulate your senses and how to keep calm " a prescription for gardening" .We offer an online out door gym experience ,yoga for gardeners ,how to find your spirituality while your gardening & follow our garden meditation methods ,how to be a mindful gardener  and find your zen with garden rituals and celebrate & commemorate in plants.

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Menopause Teacher Training Course

Join Body Coach Fitness menopause teacher training course via an online platform Are you a fit pro looking to teach menopause training programs in the work place or in the gym? Work through this in depth training and make a plan to create and deliver your menopause program. Including pre recorded work shops to help you. Your menopause teacher training course will include the three stages of the menopause , symptoms of the menopause , research on the menopause lifestyle changes for the menopause all about nutrition for the menopause and suitable exercise for the menopause and also about sleep and stress management during the menopause and how to structure work shops and all about pricing and marketing for your menopause work shops. You will receive downloadable marketing material and logos and tech to improve your online programs and how to make a weekly online menopause class for people and much more 

Price = £275.00

The Fit Women Collective

At the fit women collective we help out with old limiting beliefs.We will encourage you to dig deep and listen to what you already know to be true. Discover the knowledge that you already have about yourself so you can live a life of acceptance ,peace freedom and connection. The fit women collective is an online community of "high performing women" who have used achievement to feel "good enough" .Their achievements are a served purpose. You may have found your dream life but not be living your dream now is your time. We offer key mental, physical and emotional and social health principles so you can achieve optimal health and well being. All available via an online platform with the features of " fit women onboarding" with a library of content and fit women principles and 15 minute express workouts and 30 - 45 minute signature mind body workouts ,a hard core floor program and mindful recipes live weekly question and answer sessions with your nutritionist and a fit women online community discussion board and 30 minute mind body yoga sessions and a fit meditation program optimal body composition training and how to overcome emotional eating training and a womens fit collective online dashboard with activity tracking.

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Menopause Fit

Body Coach Fitness offer a menopause fit 28 day online fitness and nutrition plan. With 30 minute menopause fit exercise plans and daily nutritional advice and lessons ,with healthy tips and meal plans recipes and a bespoke members area, where you can access this information for life. You will find a daily recorded exercise program and menopause fit menu items. The daily workout time table will be - monday is a walking work out , tuesday is super corwednesday is legs and core thursday is legs bums and tums and friday is HIIT and saturday is pilate or yoga and sunday is a mind body exercise program. Plus a daily lifestyle habit and nutrition plan and daily lessons in subjects such as happy hormones, menopause fit menu planning mid section weight gain vital vitamins and stopping over eating at
night emotional stress eating and all about brain fog and moods and much much more .You can start anytime on an online dashboard with unlimited access

Price= £ 100.00 per month

Menopause & Midlife Eating Disorders

Body Coach Fitness offers a program looking into the menopause and midlife eating disorders. Eating disorders are not exclusive to teenagers and are increasingly developing in women in midlife. Millions of menopausal women have a better understanding of their bodies thanks to an open public dialogue that has gathered pace over the past decade. Symptoms can include hot flushes, headaches, sleep problems, mood changes and now eating disorders. Body Coach Fitness can give you nutritional therapy as well as therapy for issues surrounding your hormones and eating disorder patterns  (alongside medical advice ). We offer a 6 week program that helps build key relationships & the key foundations for eating recovery. 

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Menopause & The Limbic System

Menopause brain is the inability to think clearly " all in your mind" Some women worry they have early signs of dementia . For some its a relief to discover the brain fog is hormone related. Low mood due to the menopause is a very common symptom but is very  often not recognised as being due to hormonal changes rising from perimenopause and menopause . Oestrogen is vital for brain function and an area called the limbic system requires oestrogen to function properly. The limbic system has many functions but it is important for its role in controlling moods, anxiety ,memory and libido. Sadly the low moods from menopause are often unrecognised 
as being " hormonal changes " and people are often prescribed 
antidepressants instead of good nutritional and lifestyle advice. We can work alongside GP's to assist with a healthy nutritious diet plan and healthy lifestyle plan to improve the bodies limbic system whilst transitioning through the menopause years. 

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Signature Menopause Class

Menopause is a life transition for women and often women can experience potential physical and emotional challenges during the menopause. This Body Coach Fitness Signature Menopause class is available both face to face and online. This class combines both the disciplines of pilates and yoga combined . This combination class series therefore helps balance your physical ,spiritual and mental well being as well as balance your emotions and hormones naturally through gentle relaxing exercise prescription also can be made available through social prescribing and your local GP practice or local health authority or company. This exciting combination of easy to follow pilates and yoga exercises allows for better control of mood swings, better flexibility and posture, better bone health. stress reduction and relaxation, better breath awareness, and mindfulness and acceptance. The Body Coach Fitness Signature Menopause class offers a complete package all in one class for improved well being holistically.

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