Sports Performance Hub

Sports Performance Assessment

Body Coach Fitness sports performance assessment keeps you on top of your game! We will look at posture, flexibility, cv endurance, muscular strength, power tests, muscle weaknesses and gait analysis. We will also look at lactate threshold and maximal uptake VO2 max and sub maximal aerobic capacity testing. This assessment will help prevent injuries and increase optimal performance .

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Strength & Conditioning Training Packages

Body Coach Fitness strength and conditioning packages will incorporate all 9 components of fitness. .All strength and conditioning programmes include assessment, a detailed plan of action, and review and evaluation. They will be customised to you and can be tailored for people from amateurs to elite athletes. 

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SAQ Training Packages

The key to developing an individuals overall athletic ability is to work on all elements required. Including speed agility and quickness. Lack of physical coordination and ability to move quickly holds many sports athletes back and could be the key for a winning performance. By using a wide range of drills , exercises and equipment a program can be tailored to meet your specific requirements and that of your sport!

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Static & Dynamic Movement Screen

This is not just a static movement assessment but a dynamic assessment as well. Any underlying muscle imbalances that are inherent in poor static movement posture are identified and short and long term corrective exercise strategies can then be implemented. Giving you the best foundation to work from to improve your bodies function and performance in fitness and sports.

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Ankle & Foot Mobility Drills

The food and ankle are used every day in sport. Body Coach Fitness offers gait analysis but this program is an assessment of the foot and ankle. Using the foot posture index scale. Helping increase your speed, performance and skills for sports conditioning to your sport. Increasing your ability to move freely and functionally and optimally at the foot and ankle for your specific sport!

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Functional Breath Training Program

Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer sports specific functional breath training. If you are a committed sports man/woman this specialised inspiratory muscle training program will help increase power, endurance, efficiency and better performance. When we think of the trunk musculature in a sporting context we think of core stabilisation or postural control, however this program covers your breathing throughout sports play as well. This program includes specific breathing strength focused core, diaphragm, trunk and breath relaxation exercises. A poer breathing program for sports!

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Developing A Sports Mind

If you are struggling to believe in your potential , get over a bad result , or just do not know how to perform in sports. We can show you how to focus and strengthen your mental and emotional resources. As a qualified sports performance coach Sharon Clare can also help with rapid results focused mind training. Feeding from her broad experience in positive psychology and optimal performance visualisations sports performance mind body coaching we can help you to maximise your performance potential by improving your mind for sports. Sessions are tailored to the individual and for improving your sports mind set. Our coaching works for all sporting backgrounds. Learn how get out of your own way and develop self belief and confidence in your potential , and learn how to maximise injury recovery and fatigue management after hard bouts of training. Areas commonly worked on are concentration and focus , fear of failure , mind over body training , weight management , active relaxation and "elite mental wellness" We will teach you to train your mind set to work for you not against you!

Prices of Session Plans:- 
Pay as you go =£125.00
Course Of 4= £400.00
Course of 6=£550.00

Elite Sport & Exercise Nutrition

Body Coach Fitness is able to offer elite sport and exercise nutrition to amateur and elite athletes across the UK and globally online. It is for keen athletes to optimise their performance  in strength, power and endurance sports. We offer a comprehensive lifestyle  and food diary analysis. Utilising our private software platform. Bespoke macro, meal timing and supplementation programme. Monthly recipe book and eating guide and tailored workout plan, 7 day example meal plan, tracking of calories ,macros, and daily habits via a detailed planner , twice weekly progress monitoring ,weekly infographics for nutrition and lifestyle tips, unlimited whats app and email support and 1x 20 minutes video/consultation/month.

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Herbs For Sports Performance

Discover the benefits of herbs and adaptogens for sports performance and how they could help enhance your sporting and fitness performance. Adaptogens are a group of remarkable plants that have been used for thousands of years to help the body to adapt to stress and help to restore balance. They provide a defence response to acute or chronic stress and increase the bodies resistance to stress. Athletes are always looking for ways to enhance sporting performance and adaptogens can help with this. Body Coach Fitness can offer you specialist nutritional advice on these adaptogenic herbs for sports performance. Including all about Rhodiola, to enhance mental and physical endurance helping reduce fatigue and for improving the immune system. We will also offer advice on many other adaptogens  including ginseng, cordyceps, reishi and ashwagandha. 

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Female Athlete Bone Health & Nutrition

Female athletes are at risk of low energy availability which in the long term impairs bone health with up to 4 fold increased risk of bone stress injuries. Young female athletes are particularily vunerable as 90% of peak bone mass development is complete by age 18. Change to bone tissue occurs slowly and Body Coach Fitness offers nutritional programming for female athletes looking into specific areas of nutrition such as this. We explore the all of the key nutritional challenges and opportunities to support optimal bone health in female athletes. We will also look into your bodies energy availability & hormones in relation to nutrition & bone metabolism and endocrine pathways and also look other female hormones issues such as menstruation and fertility or menopause issues. So ensuring a dietary plan that is individual to yourself including macro and micro nutrients such as calcium and vitamin D. We will ensure primary and secondary strategies of poor bone health nutrition are met and implement a diet that provides optimal nutrition for specific needs .We offer practical nutrition response to increase your " female athlete lifespan". 

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Functional Ingredients To Support Active Women

Women are the largest consumers of dietary supplements with 77% of women utilising at least one ingredient or supplement. Despite large use of dietary supplements among women, representation of women in research validating the use of supplements is severely  lacking .There are physiological differences every male & female athletes have which impact nutrition & supplementation & exercise. In this educational program we will look at the most common reasons women cite use of dietary supplements that could be used to improve a female athletes performance - beta alanine caffeine, creatine, teacrine, nitric oxide stimulators ,carbohydrates &  modified starch omega 3 nootropics and vitamin D and magnesium probiotics and iron and calcium and all about the practical applications of female athletes nutrition in relation to the menstrual cycle and the menopause and all about nutrient support and functional ingredients.

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