Body Coach Fitness has a range of bespoke customised nutritional packages for everyone from wellbeing to sports nutrition. At Body Coach Fitness we ensure we offer the best nutritional guidance possible for your optimised lifestyle. All nutritional packages are tailored individually to you whether you are looking for every day nutrition to nutrition for sports performance .So do not delat sign up today to one of the new bespoke customised Body Coach Fitness nutritional packages for your optimal nutritional wellbeing!

Luxury Tailored Nutrition Plan

A tailored bespoke nutrition plan for 8 weeks including -Breakfast, lunch and dinner meal plans through your 8 week journey. Cooking demonstration videos so you can learn how to prepare some meals on the diet plan. Plus 2 coaching sessions throughout your 8 week journey .A truly bespoke luxury customised nutrition plan for optimised nutrition .


Fridge & Pantry Analysis

Be ready for me to open your fridge and kitchen cupboards/pantry doors and check on there content. A 1 hour restructure session offering advice on what items to keep and which ones to replace for healthier options. You will not regret this useful food advisory service as this will form the basic starting point to kick start your nutritional programming for optimal nutrition , healthy and wellbeing.

Price= 50.00 Plus travel expenses 

Food Shopping Experience

Its confusing what to buy in the supermarkets or local grocery stores these days with all the variety on the shelves .Low fay , low calorie , reduced fat etc.... On a 1 hour food shopping experience Sharon will take you around the food shop of your choice and educate and advise you on your weekly food shop as you buy it. Helping you select the right foods and drinks that will aid you in your health and fitness journey in life. This can be 1-2-1 or in small groups or with your family and friends .

Price for 1-2-1 = From £50.00
Small groups= Price dependant on numbers attending

Healthy Food Swaps

Body Coach Fitness has developed a healthy eating food swap recommendation program with a colour coded healthy lifestyle planner .The healthy eating swap planner is a personalised nutrition resource for aiding people to make healthy food choices and food swaps. With 15 easy to follow recommendations and suggestions to develop healthy food swaps via a colour coded chart eg- green for fruit and vegetable swaps, yellow for whole grain swaps ,red for active swaps , orange for helpful habits, blue for protein swaps and pink for lowering salt, sugar and fats in the diet. Small changes for big gains -find your balance and get portion wise and choose healthy food swaps for a healthier lifestyle. This combined with personalised professional nutritional recommendations for your improved health and well being!

Price on application

Elimination & Rotational Dietary Program

Body Coach Fitness offer elimination and rotation dietary programming which is the ideal way to reduce symptoms of food intolerance . An elimination diet calls for some exclusion of suspected problem foods for a period of around 8 - 12 weeks followed by a healthy sustainable dietary advisory program. Questionable  foods should then be reintroduced one at a time. If side affects develop you are probably intolerant to them. A rotation diet requires that you do not et foods from the same genetic family more than once every four days  eg- if you eat lamb on Monday you would not eat lamb until Friday of that week. Combining the two will provide the ideal way to help combat food gut issues and intolerances. A rotation diet is an easy and inexpensive way to approach identifying food intolerances , avoiding the symptoms of food intolerance and detoxifying your body, especially your digestive system.

Price on application 

Nourished Kitchen

You train hard, eat right , supplement right and sleep well but you are still not getting results? This may be due to poor gut issues .Our digestive system is the cornerstone of our wellbeing , it can affect our hormonal and nervous functions and throw your body into all sorts of chaos! It is possible to restore optimal gut intestinal health through Body Coach Fitness nourished kitchen healthy eating plan and following the 4 R's system ( Remove, repair, restore and replace). Dependant on condition presented and advice from GP meal suggestions and nutritional advice will be given which will help improve conditions such as leaky gut syndrome, food allergies, mood disorders ,anxiety and much more .This nutritional package is designed for busy ,stressed people who experience these symptoms and want a healthy method of restoring normal gut function through traditional natural nourishing foods and supplements alongside medical treatment .No fad diets but food that nourishes the body , mind and soul!

Price on application

Vegan Nutrition Plan

Body Coach Fitness vegan nutrition plan is a 30 day online or face to face nutrition program. An ever increasing number of people are eating vegan due to religious, personal or ethical reasons. They are showing less bloating and less digestive upsets and an increase in their energy levels. The Body Coach Fitness Vegan nutrition plan includes - a 3 day food diary, health and lifestyle quiz and 1-2-1 consultation and body stat analysis and a 30 day vegan nutrition and supplement plan with recommended recipes and full email support throughout the whole program.

Price On application

The Hidden  Sweetener

Sorbitol is often used as  a  sweetener in the diet or sugar free foods and drinks .It is a sugar alcohol and used as a sugar replacer in foods .Sorbitol is a 6 sugar alcohol sweetener which has been detected in lens deposits in people with diabetes and is often hidden in modern day cosmetics and used in medications. It is often a hidden ingredient and is not listed and specified in common foods and products. Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the sorbitol malabsorption practitioner tests available through gastrolife. The test takes up to 3 hours in duration and is available for all adults .If a positive result is found it is recommended you go to see your GP. This professional test will be used alongside professional nutritional dietary recommendations and medical advice as necessary 

Price on application

Chrono Type Nutrition Plan

Learn what your chronotype is and how to schedule your nutrition and activities for optimal performance .Do you ever wonder why you struggle to lose weight or lack optimal performance in sports or every day life. This could be because you are fighting your own unique internal biological body clock or chronotype. Understanding your bio rhythm and working with it can make sleeping, dieting and exercising more efficient. Each persons chronotype nutrition plan will be different based on their bodies needs. Chrono type nutrition is a scientifically tested and proven form of aiding weight loss which has been around for some time. Body Coach Fitness has developed a chrono type nutrition and lifestyle program to unlock the key to discovering and working with your ow individual chronotype and bio rhythm .Working out if you are a lion, wolf, dolphin or bear. This program will help recognise your chrono type giving you an idea of whether you are an early riser , intermediary or night owl, a reactor or non reactor based on specific questioning , professional sleep genetics testing and circadian rhythm testing and eating behaviour patterns , cortisol testing for stress levels at certain times of day and food intolerance testing to eliminate any foods which could affect new food programming. This program is one step up from just taking the sleep genetics test which itself is a valuable tool in creating the perfect lifestyle and nutrition plan. 

Price on application

Culinary Genomics Nutrition Program

Transform your recipe and meal plans with the culinary genomics nutrition program. After genomic /nutrigenetic and nutrigenomic testing your own individual genetic results will dictate your genomic culinary dietary recommendations (Genomic medicine + culinary arts). Bioactives in foods play an important aspect in gene expression for example if your DNA results come back with a predisposition to oxidative stress then culinary genomics may advise up-regulating the NRF2 gene which requires foods rich in selenium , magnesium and iron. Culinary genomics unites nutrigenomics with the kitchen. Introducing an exciting concept to chefs, restaurants , work place canteens and at home truly giving meaning to -food is thy medicine! This concept brings both science and the kitchen together for a truly customised preventative healthy lifestyle nutrition program. 

Price on application

The DASH Diet Plan

Food is a valuable weapon in our arsenal against depression and can help lift our mood and improve physical health too. The DASH diet plan will help to improve your mental as well as your physical health. This dietary program is not a fad diet plan but a new way of eating for a healthy lifestyle. Sign up for the DASH dietary plan for improved mood, mental health and focus and improved health and vitality. You will receive a customised plan after your consultation which will be evaluated and reviewed for optimal nutritional benefits.


The PH Diet Plan

Body Coach Fitness now offers the PH diet plan. In human health the PH law plays a crucial role in the general wellbeing of a person. The body prefers to be slightly alkaline for better healing and recovery and to promote cell health. Testing the PH via urine and saliva testing will establish exactly what PH level your body is at.After PH analysis a document will be sent over with a full list of foods which are acidic and alkaline and how to introduce certain foods from this list into your diet plan. It could mean the difference between better bone health, muscle integrity, immune system and general health and fitness and improved weight loss.

Price= £150.00 

Candida Diet Plan

Candida over growth is a common but over looked condition affecting the mouth and mucous membranes in the body , including the digestive system .Causing symptoms and problems with eating and digesting certain foods and drinks. Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer a specific BTS lab test for analysing candida over growth so we can then offer suitable nutritional advice accordingly. For example sugar reduction in your diet if it is found that you have candida over growth. This nutritional package could help increase your fitness , health and vitality for healthy lifestyle changes. 


Metabolic  Type Diet Plan

Identify your metabolic type with the Body Coach Fitness Metabolic Type diet plan. Most of us are slaves to food , what we eat controls how we look, how we feel, our fitness and sports performance levels and our emotional experiences and also how we sleep. One you have realised your metabolic type you will know what foods to choose for your body type. For example protein types will need a diet high in protein and high purine levels and needs regular snacks and minimal carbohydrates and will need to try and avoid oxalic acid foods . Once your metabolic type has been found you will know if you are a fast or slow oxidiser and Body Coach Fitness will create an advisory meal plan accordingly. This program will help restore metabolic balance and aid you to lose weight , feel more energised and increase general health and fitness. A metabolic nutrition plan unique to you!


Bespoke Personal Food Shopper

Some people employ the services of personal trainers , perosnl stylists and personal clothes shoppers. So it should be no surprise that some people have a personal food shopper as well. To pay for this service each week may seem a luxury however if it works for you , you will achieve better healthier eating habits. Having some one to go to the shops to select bespoke produce for you will take the worry out of food shopping each week. A personal food shopper will spend her day seeking food and drinks especially for you! They will clean your cupboards of unhealthy foods and develop a personalised diet plan just for you! Body Coach Fitness can become your own personal food shopper! An entirely bespoke personal food shopping experience with your own Body Coach Fitness Food Shopping Conceirge!

Price on application