DNA Power

Total Power 

Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer DNA power tests. Total power is DNA testing covering health, nutrition, fitness and brain health. Learn all about your genetic make up and you can take action to be the healthiest you! Looking at 200+ genetic variations ,total power is the most comprehensive DNA testing for health, fitness, nutrition & brain health combined. It also includes a 45 minutes consultation. You will get 4 tests to complete covering over 200 genetic markers with a custom gene analysis with 70+ meaningful insights and a 170 page guide with personalised insights including a summary and plan for immediate impact.


Diet Power

Learn the right diet for your genetic makeup and receieve information
that helps you make more personalised changes .looking at 100 genetic variations .Looking into your diet and how you burn fats, carbohydrates, proteins etc and your bodies response to sugar cravings ,salt intake, caffeine, lactose alcohol and gluten and food tastes and preferences and vitamin supplements and responses to the following vitamins- vitamin A,B6,B9,B12, D,E and iron and omega 3 & 6 fats to stay healthy. This report covers all the insghts into these nutrients.


Health Power

Live a healthy life with your DNA power healthy power test. It looks into 35+ genetci variations. DNA testing for health to maintain overall health .Your test is affected by important functions related to hormones ,inflammation and methylation. They can effect your mood energy ,cells and health. Your DNA test results provide a snapshot of your body and this can show predispositions to these areas. There are hidden areas that can effect your health and contribute to disease .By learning your profile you can take pro active steps to enhance your well being. The 4 areas of the health report covers methylation, inflammmation, detoxification and hormones.


Fit Power

Fit power testing for fitness looks into 80+ genetic markers . Fit power
looks at power and endurance, and other activities. Plus it looks into athletic recovery from injuries such as injuries to joints,tendons and ligaments. Plus it will look at exercise performance, and how well your body responds to exercise and regulates your blood pressure, and energy during exercise. This test covers your bodies rresponse to recovering from injuries and you will also receive a 45 minute health consultation with a DNA power consultant to discuss your test results.


Brain Power

Be pro active with your DNA  with this Brain power DNA test. It tests for 15+ genetic variations to do with brain health. Nothing is more important than your mental wellbeing. Some people may be at less risk of chemical triggers than others and injury also. Knowing where you have genetic weaknesses can allow you to proactively support your mental health through diet and lifestyle changes. Alzheimers concussion , depression and emotional eating and parkinsons. This test will cover the following options- how well do I react when cortisol levels are high and am I at a higher risk of developing parkinsons? A power DNA test for brain health


Total Power Upgrade

Upgrade to total power for MORE insights into your genetics. Learn all about your genetic predispositions and future health outcomes. This will help you look into  240+ genetic markers. This test provides a lot of personalised knowledge about how your body works , create a fitness and nutrition program based on your test results . Take away the guesswork. This fully comprehensive program will provide guidance based on your individual DNA  .This upgrade is available if you have already purchased one of the following DNA power tests- diet power, health power, brain power or fit power.

Price= £200.00

DEXA DNA Bundle For Longevity

This Body Coach Fitness test package incudes a full body scan and afull DNA test profile. The DEXA body imaging is completed by Jevitty
and the DNA test is the full DNA power test . The Jevitty DEXA scan is a 45 minute full body scan available at 4 locations. This will be used alongside a full DNA power test and it will also include 6 months free access to Jevittys Life science app. Understand the dsitribution of lean tissue in your body with this full body DEXA scan alongside genetic insights into your health outcomes. A powerful package to analyse your health and future health outcomes. Our unique genes drive wide variations in our response to different foods and exercise techniques and medications.


SkinDNA Test

The Skin DNA test analyses for 16 genetic markers (SNP's) in 5 categories do with aging. Take the guesswork out of skin care with this genetic test and create a personalised guide for your skin care routine. This test will look into 5 different skin care categories and will help you choose the correct skin care ingredients for you. Skincare DNA looks into genes responsible for your skin firmness,elastcity, inflammation, aging and sun damage among others The report gives you personalised skin care results for your unique skin make up.


Immune Power Connect

Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer DNA Power Immune power connect test looking into 32 genetic variants to do with your immune system. Buidl resilience with your DNA and immune system with this personalised report .It will look at your predisposition to getting virises and infections and immunity issues and much more. Discover your ability to fight off disease and infections with this powerful DNA test. You will have to have previous 23 and me ancestry reports testing prior to taking this test for full results.


DNA Diet Plan

Tke charge of your health with this DNA diet plan personalised meal planning. Your genetics can help fine tune your meal plans and recipes . Discover a collection of delicious meals and recipes which are selected for you based on your DNA power test results. Enjoy a 4 week tailored nutrition plan based on your genetic needs .You will also get a weekly planner and food shopping list and nutritional recipes book and guidance.

Price=£100.00 plus DNA power test

Health Consultation

You can book a 45 minute stand alone health consultation post DNA power test results to discuss your future based on thsi report or as an added consultation bwteen testing and monitoring of symptoms. Discuss your unique genetic results with your practitioner and get actionable recommendations based on your genetic test results.

Price= £100.00