Pro Genetic 

Pro Genetic Sports Performance 

Body Coach Fitness can now offer the following sports performance DNA panel -ACTN3-ACE-IL6-D101-NOS3-PPARGC1A-PPARG-SOD2-IL6R-COL1A1-IL6-TNF-GDF5 7 CRP genes. This genetic panel is ideal for gym enthusiasts and semi professional athletes to get maximum advantage from their sports performance program.

Price =£225.00

Pro Genetic Sports Injury Pro

Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the following custom panel for sports injury including -ACTN3-ACE-SOD2-IL6R-COL1A1-IL6-TNF-GDF5 and CRP genes including SOX15-1GF2 & MYF5. Sports injuries are common in people who train hard and this test can be very useful as a preventative test for this.

Price =£225.00

Pro Genetic Run DNA Panel

Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer a specific Run DNA custom panel . It covers genes in training response , energy ouput , lean body mass, muscle efficiency, flexibility, endurance, and recovery from running. It can be customised  to you specifically to ensure you get optimum results from this useful genetic test.

Price =£199.00

Pro Genetic Football DNA Panel 

The Body Coach Fitness Pro genetic football DNA panel has been created for football coaching and performance in mind. this bespoke customisable panels covers the foundations of genetics with the practical aspects of the sport. This test will also include a fully written advisory report with nutritional advice and foot ball training program

Price =£199.00

Pro Genetic  HIIT DNA Panel

Body Coach Fitness HIIT DNA panel will give you the knowledge and motivation to incorporate HIIT training into your exercise regime. Helping you understand how your unique genes contribute to your overall future health and fitness levels. Plus how your DNA affects your HIIT response eg- whether you are a super responder or a non responder to HIIT training. This unique bespoke genetic test will analyse whether you are genetically a super or non responder .Looking at NOS3 and glycolytic anearobic interval training and ATP-PC training. Plus it will look into the fat loss gene ADRB2 which affects metabolic hormonal systems in your body plus gene markers associated with sprint or HIIT training .This genetic test is recommended to be used with the Body Coach Fitness HIIT biomarker test.

Price= £199.00

Pro Genetic Cross Fit Panel

Did you know as  a cross fitter you can alter your WOD (work out of the day) based on your genes. Cross fit is a challenge WOD that keeps you fit .But to be effective you need to know your own bodies needs. Plus also your genetic code to get optimal fitness out of this work out regime . This cross fit DNA panel will look at any of your  predispositions to your bodies response to exercise fuel and recovery, strength, power, endurance ,training response ,muscle efficiency ,flexibility VO2 max and aerobic fitness and glycolytic anaerobic interval training response .Including the gene markersPOLD3,TOFA,GLS1,MCMT,NOS3,ACT,TRHR,COL5A1,VEGF,IL6,IRS1,PPARG & ATP-PC. This panel also comes with a personal nutrition and exercise program.


Pro Genetic Sports Nutrition Panel

Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the most comprehensive professional sports nutrition genetic test in its range . It covers testing for all the vitamins and minerals , and all the other essential nutrients needed for optimal sports performance. A comprehensive sports nutrition panel offering full coverage for all nutrient variants.

Price =£250.00

Pro Genetic Muscle Recovery

Body Coach Fitness now has a mini version of the sports pro injury panel looking into inflammation and muscle recovery. Find out how likely you are to succumb to inflammation and injury with this new genetic test. This panel looks into sports injuries at a genetic level.

Price =£225.00

Pro Genetic Women's Wellness 

This mini genetic test panel is designed for women at risk of developing blood clotting and women on the contraceptive pill. The oral contraceptive pill affects oestrogen levels which increases stickiness of the blood which can lead to blood clotting. This test will reveal if you are genetically predetermined to suffer from this condition.

Price =£300.00

Pro Genetic Corporate

Body Coach Fitness Pro Genetic Corporate offers employees health with a new health drive every month and a specific Pro Genetic Test each month for 12 different health areas.  Not just a one off health assessment /test ,a new addition to the Body Coach Fitness Pro Genetic initiative throughout the UK and online globally. The health areas and Pro Genetic tests covered over the 12 months  are as follows:- Skin health, fatigue, psychological, ancestry, hormones, food intolerances, neuro health, liver health, kidney health, heart health, mental health and lung health. This is in collaboration with a  leading London University  in the UK.

Price On Application

Pro Genetic Active Kids DNA Panel

Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer a pro genetic active kids DNA panel test for children up to 18 years of age. This panel offers a comprehensive DNA test panel looking into your child's ability to perform at sports and physical activity. Plus protect your child from injury and learn about the likelihood of getting fractures and dislocations whilst playing and in sports activities and their genetic eating behaviours and ;likelihood of obesity and impulse eating. All important factors in keeping fit and active specifically at a younger age and whilst developing  .The genetic markers analysed are - ACE,COL1A1,MCT1,FTO,FLG,FADS2 & MC4R.

Price= £300.00

Progenetic Functional Ageing Face Mapping

Body Coach Fitness Pro Genetics now offers AI face mapping together with pro genetic functional ageing genetic testing .By taking a digital photo of your face with a Body Coach Fitness app which analyses key skincare aging factors. Such as perceived skin age ,hydration, skin tone, wrinkles, and acne . The AI imaging provides information that helps improve your skin health appearance .This together with a skin ageing genetic test with 10 genetic insights and lifestyle and nutritional analysis will provide  an individual skin care aging plan including one months supply of a bespoke skin serum formulated to your own unique DNA results and dietary advice, personalised vitamin supplement blend and lifestyle advisory based on your DNA results.

Price From £225.00

Pro Genetic Epilepsy 

This genetic test panel for epilepsy  looks into 285 genes for neonatal epilepsy, 215 genes for childhood epilepsy, and 84 genes for adolescent /adult epilepsy and 25 genes for actionable epilepsy. Plus 413 genes for comprehensive epilepsy and 19 genes for progressive epilepsy. So a fully comprehensive epilepsy panel for preventative treatment  of this condition.

Price on Application

Pro Genetic DNA Evolve

Body Coach Fitness pro genetic DNA Evolve is a complete health solution in genetic science. This bespoke DNA  based analytical test looks into biological ageing, a true reflection of your inner health , memory age, hearing age, eye age and inflammation and DNA reports into physical exercise, diet, vitamins, supplement response, nutrition, sleep, stress, immunity, gut health, mental health, a DNA matched workout planner , meal guide with optional add on's like an on call Dr ,private prescriptions and much more. A bespoke wellness package reversing cellular ageing.


Pro Genetic Parkinsons Disease 

This panel can help verify a parkinson's diagnosis or define risks for both patients and their families. This test is for people with a family history of parkinson's disease and movement & balanced issues. The benefits are to identify parkinson's disease early so that planning and decision making processes for treatment and psychosocial protocols can be made. It looks into 26 parkinson's disease genes including GCH1,PRNP & FBXO7.


Pro Genetic Helio Liver

A multi analyte blood test combining cell free DNA (cfDNA) and methylation patterns and protein tumour markers. A breakthrough in early liver cancer detection. It requires only a simple blood draw that can be conducted during a physician visit. It is useful for a monitoring tool in liver cancer and  liver diseases.


Pro Genetic Hereditary Cancer

A genetic test for those who want to know more about their risk of developing cancer or want to inform treatment options following cancer diagnosis. The comprehensive  cancer panel looks into 156 gene variants including 26 NEW genes & the focus cancer panel looks into 49 genes including 22 NEW genes . Both are very focused comprehensive cancer screening panels at a genetic level.

Price on Application

Pro Genetic Autoimmune Disease DNA Panel 

Do you find that you are constantly getting ill or getting fatigued after hard training sessions. Find out if your genes hold the answer with a new autoimmune disease DNA panel test . Customise your own Immunity DNA panel from 1-25 SNP gene variants dependant on you own unique needs including- CD3D,GATA2, LCK,CD247,TYK2, IK BKG & PLK3R.

Price on Application

Pro Genetic Mental Health For Sports DNA Panel 

Body Coach Fitness has created a mini genetic DNA panel test for any people interested in learning about their intrinsic motivation to exercise and their likelihood to addictive exercise behaviours and their own unique stimuli. Analysing and reporting back on key gene markers - BNDF, DRD2 & ANNK1. An ideal DNA test to get a snap shot into your thought processes and internal motivation to succeed in sports and life .

Price= £199.00

Pro Genetic Joint Care For Exercise DNA Panel

Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the pro genetic mini DNA test for joint care and exercise . The joint care DNA test is a gene profile that reveals what your genes may say about how well your tendons ligaments and cartilage may handle the stress from exercise and how extensive your range of motion is and what else you should consider when creating your work out routine .Your DNA test will include analysis in the following gene markers - GDF5 & COL5a1.

Price= £199.00

Pro Genetic Metabolism DNA Panel

Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer a gene marker test panel for metabolism. A genetic assessment designed to help you understand how your genes affects your metabolism. Ideal for people looking for the best way to control weight ,metabolism & lifestyle behaviour. By working with your own unique metabolism .The DNA test panel which looks into the following gene markers- APOE, KCTDI0,FADS1, FABP2 & SLC2A2.

Price= £199.00

Pro Genetic Vitamins For Health & Sports DNA Panel

Body Coach Fitness now offers its own mini vitamins for health and sports DNA test panel ,this test is fully customisable. Find out what vitamins and minerals and essential nutrients you need for sports performance and health for your own genetic make up. This mini test includes the following -BCO1,MTHFR,FUT2,CYP1A2,GC,VDR,VKORC1 & GSTM1.

Price = £199.00

Pro Genetic Emotional Eating DNA Panel

Some people have a predisposition to eating emotionally or when stressed. Body Coach Fitness has biochemistry tests to help with eating disorders .However we are now not able to offer our own mini emotional eating stress disorder DNA test panel. Helping identify likely common causes and predispositions to binge disorder eating. The test should not be a replacement for medical therapy but used as a support guide before treatment. There are 2 main gene markers DRD2 for dopamine release and OPRM1 for addiction. These gene markers work together to gauge the reward value of foods which influence eating behaviour and people who are predisposed to emotional related eating.


Pro Genetic Longevity For Life DNA Panel

Body Coach Fitness now offers a DNA panel test for longevity in life. Including the following genetic markers- SOD2,IL-6R,COL1A1, IL-6TNF,GDFT,CRP FABP2,ADRB2 ,ADRB3,APOA2 & ACTN3 & ACE genes. You may choose the whole panel or an affordable one. If you choose the whole custom DNA panel you will help improve longevity ,vitality & help maintain fitness with age by genetically determining factors that you can change eg- lifestyle, nutrition and behaviour change for better health and fitness.

Price on Application

Pro Genetic Beacon Carrier Screening

Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer a Fulgent/ Pro Genetic beacon carrier screening test. The beacon carrier screening test tests for over 700 conditions. A first step in family planning. A carrier screening assessment looking at your risk of passing on certain genetic conditions to your children. This test is for anyone who is currently pregnant, considering pregnancy or planning to become pregnant in the future. Even without symptoms or a family history of diseases individuals may still carry a risk of passing on conditions to their offspring. Beacon and Pro Genetic can illuminate that risk  leading to more informed decision making and stronger preparation for your reproductive journey. There is a beacon focus panel, a beacon ashkenazi jewish panel , a beacon ACMG tier 3 panel and a beacon expanded panel.

Price on Application