Pro Genetic 

Pro Genetic Sports Performance 

Body Coach Fitness can now offer the following sports performance DNA panel -ACTN3-ACE-IL6-D101-NOS3-PPARGC1A-PPARG-SOD2-IL6R-COL1A1-IL6-TNF-GDF5 and CRP genes This geneti panel is ideal for gym enthusiasts and semi professional athletes to get maximum advantage from their sports performance program

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Pro Genetic Sports Injury Pro

Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the following custom panel for sports injury including -ACTN3-ACE-SOD2-IL6R-COL1A1-IL6-TNF-GDF5 and CRP genes including SOX15-1GF2 & MYF5. Sports injuries are common in people who train hard and this test can be very useful as a preventative test for this.

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Pro Genetic Run DNA Panel

Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer a specific Run DNA custom panel . It covers genes in training response , energy ouput , lean body mass, muscle efficiency, flexibility, endurance, and recovery from running. It can be customised  to you specifically to ensure you get optimum results from this useful genetic test.

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Pro Genetic Football DNA Panel 

The Body Coach Fitness Pro genetic football DNA panel has been created for football coaching and performance in mind. this bespoke customisable panels covers the foundations of genetics with the practical aspects of the sport. This test will also include a fully written advisory report with nutritional advice and foot ball training program

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Pro Genetic Sports Nutrition Panel

Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the most comprehensive professional sports nutrition genetic test in its range . It covers testing for all the vitamins and minerals , and all the other essential nutrients needed for optimal sports performance 

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Pro Genetic Muscle Recovery

Body Coach Fitness now has a mini version of the sports pro injury panel looking into inflammation and muscle recovery. Find out how likely you are to succumb to inflammation and injury with this new genetic test

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Pro Genetic Women's Wellness 

This mini genetic test panel is designed for women at risk of developing blood clotting and women on the contraceptive pill. The oral contraceptive pill affects oestrogen levels which increases stickiness of the blood which can lead to blood clotting. This test will reveal if you are genetically predetermined to suffer from this condition.

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Pro Genetic Corporate

Body Coach Fitness Pro Genetic Corporate offers employees health with a new health drive every month and a specific Pro Genetic Test each month for 12 different health areas.  Not just a one off health assessment /test ,a new addition to the Body Coach Fitness Pro Genetic initiative throughout the UK and online globally. The health areas and Pro Genetic tests covered over the 12 months  are as follows:- Skin health, fatigue, psychological, ancestry, hormones, food intolerances, neuro health, liver health, kidney health, heart health, mental health and lung health. This is in collaboration with a  leading London University  in the UK.

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