Sports Performance

Body Coach Ski Fit Program

Body Coach Fitness has bespoke Ski fit packages to ensure you can head to the hills and face the mountains with confidence.The specific training will work on all physical aspects relevant to creating a better and more efficient skier.Increasing overall functional muscular strength and working on any imbalances and improving lung and heart function with targeted cardiovascular training and also working on core strength and function and flexibility training through specifically designed drills for skiing. Ski packages are designed for amateur and experienced skiers and will help prevent injuries and maximise your potential skiing down the slopes.

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Body Coach  Swim Fitness

Body Coach Fitness Swim fit program is a specific program designed to improve the swimmers technique , function, cv and functional muscular strength for sport. Body Coach fitness swim fit program is designed for water babies from beginners to pro's looking for advice , training programmes and strength and conditioning programmes specific to swimming .Most people do not realise that a lot of swimmers preparation is outside of the pool and this is where Body Coach Fitness comes in! I am not a swim coach but I can help to improve your cardiovascular endurance, stamina , flexibility and core strength as well as improve function and technique for their specific sport of swimming through a detailed program of assessment and training.

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Body Coach Equine Fitness

Horse riding is a demanding sport, all major muscle groups are used and placed under stress during riding. Body Coach Fitness equine fitness packages will help you to achieve horse rider fitness with a bespoke specifically designed package to prevent injuries , increase fitness levels and achieve oneness with your horse whatever your discipline - show jumping , jockeying,  cross country dressage or just casual every day riding. This will include riders body alignment and body awareness training and rider related functional training , pre riding stretches and exercises to treat your body and help strengthen horse riding muscles.

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Body Coach Bike Fit

Over the years cycling has increased in popularity and is a fully inclusive activity which embraces all ages, abilities and genders. Cycling is used for both recreational leisure and sports performance .As a result there is demand for scientific bike fitting for the management of injuries in cycling. So if you are serious about cycling this is the program for you! You will have a full scientific bike fit and customised training plan just for you!

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Body Coach Ball Sports Program

Body Coach Fitness ball sports program is designed for improving performance, stamina, conditioning, cv fitness, and strength for specific ball sports such as football, rugby, cricket, hockey, net ball, basket ball or other raquet sports. You will receive a customised tailored training program specific to you and your sports goals!

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Body Coach Running Coaching

Run coaching techniques and training plans to improve your run times , fitness level and gait and technique. You will receive technique coaching, drills and warm ups, speed work, hill sprints and tempo running, foam rolling and trigger point therapy, and pace running. All designed specifically for you as an individual .A truly customised run coach program at Body Coach Fitness.You will not get  a better sports performance program any where else!

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Body Coach Triathlon & Multi Sports Training

Triathlon consist of 4 disciplines - swim, bike, run and transition time. Endurance training is one of the most exacting methods of training and requires both stamina and endurance .Body Coach Fitness can help you with all this and improve your fitness level across multi sports. This will include a bespoke training program ,nutritional advice and racing strategies.

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Body Coach Golf Fit

Do you want to improve your game of golf, lower your golf handicap ,increase your golf swing and improve your fitness level for golf? Then the Body Coach Fitness golf fit package is for you! It will help you develop your game and prevent injury by improving core strength, balance and flexibility , working on muscular imbalances and increasing physical fitness for golf. You will receive a customised individual training program just for you!

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Body Coach Motor Sports Fitness

First class training for fitness performance for motor sports whether it be motor cross, karting or motor car racing. Body Coach Fitness motor sports fitness training package will maximise your fitness potential. It will train your body functionally for the demands of the sport. Increasing driver/rider fitness levels .It will also help improve core strength, flexibility and upper body conditioning and increase cardiovascular fitness levels to help you achieve your racing dreams.

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Body Coach Tennis Fit

Looking to boost your tennis fitness? Improve your game and decrease your chance of getting tennis injuries with the Body Coach Fitness tennis fit package. Tennis requires good speed, agility, proprioception , core strength , flexibility, muscular strength and cardiovascular fitness. Are you falling short on any of these aspects of tennis fitness? Then sign up to the Body Coach Fitness tennis fit package today! Body Coach Fitness is able to boost your tennis performance with this bespoke tennis program!

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Healthy Heart For Sport Program

Make a healthy heart your goal .Body Coach Fitness now offers a healthy heart for sport program for sports teams and individuals interested in investing for improved future health in sport. It can help to prevent cardiovascular heart disease by identifying the 5 big risk factors for CVD for a healthier sporting life!Body Coach Fitness can come to you to conduct 1-2-1 heart health checks covering blood pressure, glucose levels, body mass index, waist circumference and cholesterol levels. Each individual will receive a heart health age calculation and a personal report and healthy lifestyle and sports training/nutrition recommendations for improved heart health in sport!

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Myzone Sport Specific Package

Body Coach Fitness now offers a Sport specfic Myzone package .A range of customisable programmes aimed at improving your sports performance. Combining the use of the Myzone tracker , specialist personal training and nutritional advice , functional and genetic testing and much more .Choose your own unique package for ultimate results!

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Sports Event Nutrition Planning

Making sure your are nutritionally prepared or sporting events is one of the key components to performing your best. Mishandling your nutrition can unravel any sort of training you have put in -don't take that chance! At Body Coach Fitness we nutritionally prepare and educate our athletes for the rigours of the event.Every nutrition plan starts off with a full consultation and covers pre event hydration strategies , properly portioned or timed during event food, post event recovery nutrition and hydration and supplement and snack advice. Plus all your pre event lab tests. 

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GX Sweat & GX App

Appropriate hydration is important for athletes . It is important to avoid fluid and electrolyte imbalances to help maintain performance. The GX sweat patch and GX App will help monitor this without requiring specialised equipment and expertise. Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the GX sweat patch and GX App. The GX sweat patch is made of a thin film polymeric material. To obtain sweat profile data the athlete should use the GX App to take an image if the GX sweat patch while it is still on the skin. The GX App on a smart phone processes the results to determine the users sweat profile and personalised fluid recommendations are made based on the users sweat profile. 

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Functional Breath Strength Training

Now able to offer this sports specific functional breath strength training .Breathing /respiratory technique exercise program helps improve exercise performance. This program will help increase power,endurance ,efficiency and better performance. Virtually all sports involve movement that implicitly perterb posture ( football) , requires trunk stabilisation ( rugby) incorporates trunk rotation ( tennis), and or compress the trunk (rowing) without  similtaneously increasing the demand for breathing. Breathing is brought about by a complex group  of trunk muscles that include the diaphragm, rib cage , and abdominal muscles. This specialist training program incorporates specific breathing ,focused core , diapragm , trunk and breath relaxation exercises for better breathing techniques for sports. This power breath training for sports program for sports works on breathing movement specific for your sports.

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Sensory Training For Sports

Develop sensory skills to improve physical skills for sports performance .This training is for amateur to elite athletes looking to maximise their multiple sensory performance skills. The training will include a pair of sensory performance eye wear. This eye wear will improve visual cognitive training when improving your performance , cognitive function and competitive edge !You also learn how to deal with competitive anxiety , how to control emotions and how the brain interacts with the the body learning how to control and stimulate better physical response for better sports performance.

Dynamic Movement Screen

An important start to any sports training program is a dynamic movement analysis of the individual . To establish dysfunctions and weaknesses in the bodies functional movement patterns and posture. So training to strengthen, re educate and improve efficiency of movement can be established , preventing injury and improving performance. This is not just a static posture assessment for posture but also a dynamic assessment of the body during movement based exercises in the major functional movement patterns eg:-squat, push,pull,lunge patterns . Any underlying muscle imbalances that are inherent in poor static and movement postures are identified and short and long term corrective exercise strategies can then be implemented  to address these imbalances giving you the best foundation to work from to improve your bodies function and performance in fitness and sports.

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Sports Performance Assessment

Body Coach Fitness sports performance assessment keeps you on top of your game. We will look at posture , flexibility, cv endurance , muscular strength, power tests,muscle weaknesses and gait analysis and other elements of your fitness. Lactate threshold testing and maximal uptake VO2 max and sub optimal aerobic capacity testing will be carried out. This will help analyse balances and weaknesses together will the dynamic functional movement assessment  and can be combined for best effect. Help prevent injuries and allow your body to work at its optimal performance  level for you. Book a sports assessment /analysis today! 

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Micronutrients For A Female Athlete

Females can be at an increased risk of certain micronutrient deficiencies overall .Energy intake is often lower in females. State of low energy availability can create further challenges. Vitamins and minerals are essential for numerous metabolic processes in the body and are fundamental for supporting athlete health and performance . Athletes often have higher micronutrient requirements than the general population due to the increased utilisation and losses of micronutrients associated with exercise and training adaption. Body Coach Fitness can offer certain micronutrients for female  athletes in sport.

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Mental Strength For Better Running

The training for endurance sports tends to be dominated by physical factors increasing your strength , improving your lactate, threshold or your VO2 max . Seeing the mind and body as one system provides a better strategy for improving and working on improving your mental strength alongside your physical fitness which will definitely reap benefits when it comes to your running performance . We offer a holistic training plan to tip the RPE and motivation scales in your favour and work on the body and mind. We offer you a way to build your mental strength , through positive  priming and a purpose.

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Performance Coaching Package

Body Coach Fitness now offers a bespoke performance package for motor sports. The performance coaching package includes:-

-Initial driver assessment
-Driver assessment report and recommendation
-Monthly performance report
-Bespoke fitness training schedule
-Workout library with access to 50 workouts
-Relaxation and focus on technique
-Habit tracking
-Nutrition tracking
-24/7 access to all the above via the Body Coach Fitness app
-Chat support
-Driver assessment retest every 60- 90  days
-Fitness equipment advice and provision

Price=£350.00 per month

Sports Life Circle

At Body Coach Fitness we solve questions and deliver services to optimise sporting performance. Our sports life circle pathway is a foundation of a rich sporting heritage. We can apply a sports coaching solution to a project or problem and our approach has been tested or proven across a wide variety of sports situations We have over 20 years experience and a proven track record of support services and athletes and sports teams. Our services can be delivered world wide and unlike traditional coaching our programmes encompass every element of your life. We offer a performance planning tool and daily tracking and monitoring comprehensive screening, planning and periodisation to achieve exceptional results over 20 years of global operations in motor sports ,triathlons and cycling etc. We offer world leading guidance with world leading experts including the following activities - leadership and operational reviews, facility design ,performance 
strategy solutions and athlete identification and athlete talent pathway construction.

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