The Team

Sharon Clare

Mrs Sharon Clare is the owner of Body Coach Fitness , Body Coach Fitness Signature range and Body Coach Fitness Education as well as  business coach at the Business Vault. She has 30 years of personal sports and fitness experience and over 20 years of professional fitness experience in the fitness industry as well as a back ground in high level scientific lab analytics with a well known  international food and drinks beverage  company  and a former general nurse with health coaching experience as well as being a former natural athlete at UK and international level. She has numerous high level industry standard qualifications in most specialist  areas of fitness, sports, nutrition ,nutrigenomics, genetics and health coaching and believes in a whole body  holistic approach to nutrition ,health and sports for best optimal results. She is currently developing a small select team of experts across her local area ,the  UK & the globe to help cover her global online business & is the current  Body Coach Fitness expert representative in the UK with a particular interest in sports performance and nutrition for health.

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Andrea is a qualified CNM college of naturopathic medicine nutritionists living in the USA. She offers both face to face and online natural nutrition coaching and genetic testing and functional lab diagnostics . A member of the NANP the UK equivalent to ANP. Who's mission is to advocate for and empower a flourishing community of professional nutritionists looking into the roots causes of medical and nutritional issues. Analysing and diagnosing through functional diagnostics and biochemistry and biology together with a holistic method and whole body approach to her practice. She also has a back ground in sports performance analytics as well as a BCS & Msc in sports and nutrition. 

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Suzanne is a qualified CNM college of naturopathic medicine nutritional therapist working in Mallorca Spain. Who is our European team representative . She offer nutritional therapy in the work place retreats and master classes and work shops face to face and online. A natural therapist who is also qualified as a natural chef. She offers her services locally in Europe , online and at corporate events, and with sports athletes and sports teams. A natural therapist who believes in a whole body system approach helping you create healthy natural chef recipes and menu plans for the whole family and friends work colleagues and sports teams.

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Nikki has a bachelor qualification in clinical nutrition and functional medicine practitioner helping people with chronic illnesses . Nikki came across this method whilst being very unwell  in her twenties she seeked help from a nutritionist and herbalist who showed her all about life balance and she got hooked and decided to learn this method for herself. She practices functional medicine & nutrition face to face in Australia and online and via skype globally and is our health and nutrition expert for Australasia . She is especially interested in fertility and gut health issues with transformative programs for all conditions .She also helps you to  navigate through a health and nutrition crisis .

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