Sports Psychology

The Psychology Of Sport

We offer sports psychology support for when everything is not going well as it is frustrating & annoying & disappointing & confusingIt does not have to be this way . I can help you to conquer your nerves reduce & quell anxiety in your sport. I can help to develop robust confidence in your ability and become better prepared for important events and performances. Learn how to manage anger and frustrations & bounce back from set backs such as injuries and how to perform better feel better and be more positive and be happier and how to ne more satisfied with your performance I have the skills to help sports people address deeper and more complex issues including trauma limiting or problematic eating over exercise and exercise addiction limiting perception of body image low self esteem and depression and problems with sports team relationships. Train your mind as well as your body to always perform better . We have a few programmes including one called the complete stress management program & the physical stressmanagement program both the same price.

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Sports Psychology Work Shops

These can be off the shelf on key issues that arise & specifically designed for issues which are currently holding back  athletes. Work shops can really bring together groups who have not been always connecting well and they can help them focus on areas that will help them all improve. Sharon Clare can run workshops webinars or talks for clubs organisations schools and companies. These can be specifically for your athletes or staff . Workshops are all priced individually based on travel and time required . 


Key Note Speeches

Sharon Clare's expertise is in helping VIP's very important people perfectionists to handle their anxiety that comes when trying to perform at a high level whether that is in sport business or in medicine. She offers key note speeches that talk to the group or those who coach or lead these VIP's to help them manage their fears about not being perfect to reach their potential .The key note can be adapted to your audience to either cover the VIP's in the audience or to help leaders in a room who support the VIP's . They teach or lead to get the best out of them


Golf Psychology

Sharon Clare works with an ex professional golfer & provides support to keen recreational golfers and semi professionals toimprove their handicap. Sharon Clare applies a combination of proven strategies golf psychology research & individual ways to suit the golfers performance needs & requirements Sharon Clare applies bio feedback and neuro feedback training & monitoring which enables the golfer to be presented with tangible evidence about their real time stress & muscular tension levels emotions states respiration rates and brain states. Individual programmes and techniques are then provided to the golfer to help with their preperation performance and recovery after a tour event. We can help you with performance enhancement dealing with pressure and controlling anxiety managing emotional changes removing performance blocks pre competition prep post competition prep strategies improving golf confidence injury management and improving and managing attentional focus and concentration.

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Tennis  Psychology

Sharon Clare works with tennis professionals from amateur to professional Sharon  provides face to face and online support to tennis players .Sharon Clare also provides confidential player support ( preperation performance and recovery and injury) Sharon  offers a range of intuitive performance consultancy & guidance for mind body and spirit to facilitate potential in the tennis player eg- support and intuitive guidance anxiety control biofeedback and neuro feedback pre match prep post match prep removing performance blocks improving concentration skills managing emotional change and monitoring & tracking throughout the season.

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Equestrian Psychology

Sharon Clare works in show jumping dressage & cross country & supports equestrian athletes with the psychological and  mental demands of performance via face to face online sports psychology consultancy. Sharon Clare specialises in biofeedback and neuro feedback which enables her to monitor equestrian athletes muscular tension stress levels brain state & mental changes .These areas are very important to control any changes in the equestrian athletes mental or physical state . Some of the areas Sharon Clare can support you with are performance anxiety control stress brain state pre comp prep post comp prep and removing performance blocks improving concentration skills managing emotional changes during competition & monitoring and tracking throughout the season. Sharon Clare can schedule the above via a combination of individual work with coaches to ensure a range of individualised performance strategies. Using & applying these approaches and tools enables the equine athlete to take control of how they apply their mind to their body and provides a sense of self belief and empowerment. Sharon Clare not only supports the equestrian athlete from a scientific & evidence based approach with bio feedback & neuro feedback but also supports the athletes well being from a mind body and sports perspective using proven alternative methods.

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Football Psychology

Sharon Clare works with professional footballers for youth level to full international level. Sharon Clare provides face to face and online performance support to professional feed back in the UK  online .Sharon Clare also provides confidential player support preperation performance & recovery from injury. Sharon Clare offers a range of intuitive performance consultancy guidance from a mind body and spirit perspective to facilitate potential in the foot ball and performance environment eg- support intuitive guidance performance enhancement anxiety control biofeedback and neuro feedback pre match prep post match prep removingperformance blocks im

Boxing Psychology

Sharon provides performance support to professional boxers professional MMA fighters & combat fighters at international in kickboxing and karate. Sharon Clare works with pro boxers for a variety of reasons eg anxiety nerves and working towards getting their pro licence. Physical & mental strength & resilience are needed in professional & amateur fighters. Example of work undertaken with fighters are anxiety control management and  increasing attention and focus dealing with the unexpected in  the  ring identify barriers and beliefs increasing confidence and self belief reducing injury & related fear & simulation training in the ring. Sharon Clare offers boxing & combat consulting can be provided individually in small groups or for groups of trainers & will use a variety of approaches to support the fighter.

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