Fit Family

Family Fit Package

Body Coach Fitness fit family exercise membership package is designed for the whole family. Parents are the biggest factor in influencing their child's activity and fitness level. So working out together is the best option. These family workouts are short and less intense in nature than adult only sessions .The online class will be conducted via skype and the training session will be circuit based lasting for around 30 minutes in duration. Different membership plans are available and can be scheduled for a convenient time for all the family!

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Family Fit Nutrition Program

Is your family looking to overhaul their nutrition habits? Then the Body Coach Fitness family fit nutrition program is for you! An online nutritional package via skype for the whole family. The program will include initial consultation with the head of the family, 4 week custom meal plan for the whole family, a nutritional education seminar, healthy family recipe selections to your inbox and ongoing email and telephone support throughout the program. If you want to combine the family fit exercise program with this one you can .

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Healthy Eating For Students

Heading off to college/university ? This program could be for you! The food you eat can improve your memory for studying and creating healthy eating habits will improve this. The Body Coach Fitness healthy eating for students package will include practical tips on nutrition whilst away from home. Plus how to eat on a budget, recipes and cooking methods and much more. The program will be tailored to you as an individual and include a nutrition plan to follow based upon assessment. 

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Children's DNA Discovery

Body Coach Fitness now offers a children's DNA discovery test . You child's genetic  profile can help make informed decisions about their future. Get information on how your child's genes influence who they are and empower your kids from the start and receive lifetime access to their personal test report. This test analyses your child's athleticism and finds out the key role genes play in their physical ability plus much more.

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Body Coach After School Club

An online after school club , a series of educational , fun and interesting sessions fit for schools , parents and children designed for before and after school hours. Covering topics related to preventing childhood obesity. With recommendations on nutrition as well as exercise and play led activities for your child . This is an online program delivered via skype and sessions can be adapted to age group concerned . 

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Body Coach Community Club

Body Coach Fitness online community club is a membership based package offering support, education and joining the community together in a private fitness and nutrition focused face book  group as well as seminars and discussions online. This will include swapping nutrition and recipe ideas, learning new skills and knowledge about nutrition and fitness in your community, an online community weight loss group and fun fitness challenges and activities to use in your community.

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Nutrition Through The Life Stages 

Body Coach Fitness has developed a nutrition through the life stages program from infants to seniors. Based on the science of nutrition through the life stages. With fact sheets on nutrition and health based on BNF guidelines .Depending on your age the nutrition program can be developed for each stage of life. Each life stage program will include a personalised body coach fitness recipe file for their individual preferences and life stage. A perfect way to fine tune your nutritional needs through personalised nutritional profiling.

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Healthy Zone Healthy School's & College's 

Body Coach Fitness healthy school's and healthy college's is a program of activity menus for physical activity and nutrition for pupils and staff wellness developed to make everyone at school and college move more often. The program will include healthy zones educational seminars, before and after school activity sessions, family fitness nights, breakfast activities, nutrition and health fund raisers and health fairs plus much more 

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Family Action Planning

Body Coach Fitness now offers a family action planning course for families within a global or local community It helps families emotional challenges to access good nutrition on a daily basis. With the cost of living crisis and covid some families are struggling even more to cope with financial and nutritional needs on top of paying for their bills each week. Social media and mobile homes militate against families being together even when they are in the same house . Body Coach Fitness offers a family therapy advice and support offering mental first aid especially for parents with kids who have autism ADHD dyslexia and dyspraxia . It plugs the gap across the country and globally with online advice and support towards a happier and more positive future for young people with advice on local food schemes and anxiety advice for people pre during and post pregnancy and advice on nutrition on a budget

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Build Your Confidence Skills Course

If confidence is the key to success then we want you to have plenty of it. Our how to build your confidence course for 13 to 21 year olds is designed for teenagers to young adults to improve there health and mental well being and confidence skills whilst studying playing and working  and improving your activity and nutrition. Check out out latest video course with bonus resources in how to discover your strengths and why mentors matter how to achieve positive mind set and how to be assertive .Start your journey to find out how to build your confidence skills course with top tips to quieten that negative inner voice and how to look after yourself mentally and physically and emotionally with resources in affirmation positivity personal shields and how to be assertive .This also will include tips and advice on exercise activities and nutritional advice as part of the curriculum .

Price = £75.00