Health Coaching

Deep Rest

Join us for an intimate 8 week coaching course to help you to live with less stress .If you want to recover from stress and release the guilt that stops you from resting with the safety and support of a loving community. Escape the toxic productivity ,learn how to honour your stress rest rythyms and discover the 10 different types of rest and create a tool kit of rest rituals. Experience what being in a state of deep rest actually feels like with deep relaxation. Get 8 weeks of group coaching sessions with Sharon Clare as well as in between session support in our community and and 6 months access to deep rest work shop to continue your relaxed woman journey!

Price =£350.00

Relaxed Eating

If you have been dieting on and off your whole life , if food has become a source of anxiety , guilt and shame if you want to release the eating habits that no longer serves you and begin nourishing yourself .Find a place of peace ,ease and joy this is for you! Develop a relaxed authentic way of eating that supports you in moving towards your unique weight and well being goals in a loving and empowering way. Discover the root of eating pattern that no longer serves you and unlearn food myths , get to know your value, and build life enhancing eating habits and heal your relationships with food through inspirational and educational worksheets , eating practices and journal prompts.


Relaxed Living

If you are struggling to keep up with the machine pace of modern life and always put everyone else first before yourself. Treat yourself as super woman and put everyone else's needs before your own. You will learn key theories of stress and rest. 12 core needs that all humans have and the barriers that get in the way and effective goal setting strategies. To empower you to meet your needs. The relaxed living work shop offers ,psychoeducation on 12 core needs , 6 videos and 80 journal prompts.


Beyond Survival Mode

If you spend your life in a state of fight or "flight" , feel stuck in a state of productivity addiction and want to experience life beyond survival mode, this self paced work shop is for you. Move beyond survival mode and rediscover the  relaxed living empowered woman you truly are. Bring on  self treatment soothing practices so that you can heal from stress and reshape your nervous system. Explore inspirational readings , journal prompts, inner divings, and soothing practices and includes 6 myths access to online work shops so you can explore it at your own pace.


Tiny Moments Of Rest

Tiny moments of rest is for people who yearn to rest. Learn powerful relaxation techniques every day for 30 days .Simple effective tools that relax you and tiny powerful rest rituals that are easy to weave into your busy day. Techniques for when life is really tasking you. Practices and strategies in your life that provide your mind and body with micro moments of rest .You will get 6 weeks access to tiny moments of rest work shops ,psychoeducation ,stress and rest , 30 science backed techniques for rest and relaxation and easy to read instructions on each technique and when to use it and why it works!


Relaxed Work shop

Do you feel guilty of relaxing ,measuring your self worth, by your productivity. You will learn strategies to regulate your nervous system and how to move towards a state of relaxation using a powerful inner diving ,calming health practices and how to soothe a stress response . Feel you have worked hard enough to deserve rest? Unlock your self worth ,discover self limiting beliefs that stop you from relaxing. Explore what being a relaxed person means to you and learn a tool kit of simple strategies to regulate your nervous system 


Menopause 1st Aid

Body Coach Fitness has developed a 1 day delivery Menopause 1st Aid course with subscription to downloadable work books and meno guides and ongoing support and downloadable resource pack. Menopause 1st aid has proved successful when working with HR,OH and equality and diversity teams. Ambassadors are brought onto the program where training covers legal, strategic and leader ship support. It details how to set up support groups and covers in greater depth current information to support businesses and their employees .Learners will have an opportunity to grow and begin to practice their learnings.

Price On Application

Relaxed Woman Coaching

For ambitious women who are stuck in a spiral of chronic stress ,burn out and exhaustion. Some of the ways we support you will be by helping you recover from burn out ,authentic leadership ,low self worth ,thinking as a sensitive person and exploring purpose and meaning. We will take you through a relaxed care journey including rest and recovery , regulation and resistance , relationship and emotional intimacy, rethinking and restorying and realisation and manifestation and revolution and radical change. We offer a 12 week coaching package of 90 minute sessions for healing ,growth and transformation. Our sessions offer you a safe space to heal from the past over 12 weeks ,we will explore your values and goals and work towards what really matters-Good Health!


Functional Medicine Health & Wellbeing Coaching

At Body Coach Fitness we help you discover the happy,healthy and fulfilled life you were intended to live. Functional medicine health and well being coaching takes a look at the bigger picture of your life ,considering health as not just the absence of disease but with the goal of helping clients achieve their personal vision of themselves at their very best ,living their best life. These areas of our lives profoundly impact our sense of fulfilment ,our joy and our self worth .Without balance in these big areas it is hard to find happiness and peace. Working with clients to discover their life they want for themselves. The intention is to explore what has brought them to health coaching and their vision of what they want you to achieve . We can support a wide range of goals .We help introduce and mention lifestyle changes prescribed by physicians for chronic diseases such as auto immune disease , thyroid disease, diabetes , hypertension, inflammatory diseases or dietary interventions. 

Price= Single Session /£75.00
             12 Sessions/£800.00

Fit For Surgery Program

If you are waiting for an operation Body Coach Fitness get fit for surgery program is for you. A eight session package of one to one sessions with your functional medicine health coach. Learn all about strategies providing nutrient full diet options for healthy pre and post operation. Learn effective ways to manage all your fears and anxieties reducing stress levels and to help you break bad habits such as smoking and drinking .We can also help you with sleep cycle patterns and creating a post operative plan for optimal healing and nutritional advice .We offer advice on lifestyle and exercise programming and stress management to create a program tailored to you with an initial consultation session of 90 minutes and ten 60 minute sessions covering strategies of positive psychology ,character strength ,accountability and exercise guidance and dietary support with one summary session of 60 minutes to cover all achievements and maintenance strategies for continued progress.

Price= £750.00

Journey Integration

Body Coach Fitness offers a whole human therapy journey integration program to bring your journey back home. To ground your journeying and take forward its message with wisdom and clarity. With the increase in people taking psychoactive medicines or exploring states of conciousness through breathwork there is a deeper need for proper integration afterwards. Most people need space to understand the journey after having experienced an intensive process. When we move into an altered state trying to ground and make sense of the experience afterwards can be overwhelming. When the unconciousness or transpersonal is brought into awareness it can feel difficult to understand the depth of what has happened. Proper therapeutic integration is a way to ground alter after these services and to find space to process, integrate and regroup embodying what the experience offered and be able to make the powerful shifts needed in order to makethe most of your journey. I provide a safe and welcoming processing space where you are able to impact the experience whilst losing the impact that it has made on your personal growth or healing. These sessions  take place online or you also book on a face to face integration workshop

Price on Application

Concious Breath Work

Breath work can work on people with nervous predispositions and people who struggle with anxiety. It helps stop people feeling anxious before events or competitions or business meetings or social occasions. Breath work can help you relax and meditate and enjoy your natural surroundings. Breath work is not reservedfor yoga and meditation it is also used in every day life situations and sports. Body Coach Fitness works with concious breath work holotropic breath work and functional breath work for well being and the nervous system regulation to feel integrated body, mind and soul . Breath therapy is a key somatic therapy for making us feel good in our skin , our own bodies in our lives for relaxation and connection . I also offer online breath clinics and retreats for breath work and breath work events .Helping you free up space to fully experience functional breathing for sports.

Price on Application

A Singing Prescription

From soothing music to nature noises we all know the power of sound to promote calm. At Body Coach Fitness we show you how to harness its healing benefits. Make yourself comfortable in an engaged seated position and listen and participate in our audio lessons. By using positive body language you can trick your body into thinking you are happier releasing happy hormones .When you are in deep meditation your body temperature drops and you start to feel cold and hormones flood through the body encouraging you to relax.Sound healing helps you to regain the ability to regulate your emotions. We will also encourage you to sing and project your voice boosting your mental & physical well being through the soothing
sounds of music . We will also ask you to keep a track of your emotions and feelings with a daily journal after each session. So creating the power of habit improving emotion regulation and improving overall physical and mental well being. This can be offered privately or through social prescribing in the communityas a singing prescription via your Gp and local singing and choir group.

Price on Application

Creative Art Therapy Recoveries

Body Coach Fitness now offers a 12 week creative art therapy recovery group online or face to face for young adults with mental health issues. We offer this through a local art lecturer and therapists In a world where the fast pace of life often seems to accelerate and the demands on mental health and emotional well being can feel very overwhelming we can help you self express. We can help you through the brush strokes of a paint brush or the melodies of a song and we can offer transformative pathways towards growth and emotional healing. Art therapy is useful for creative recovery
and helps offer a nuturing environment where individuals can explore landscapes and nature and ancient historical buildings and architecture. This course will heighten emotional release & empowerment and aid self discovery. We will help you recover mentally through art therapy and visual language with freedom from linguistic constraints and symbolisms and metaphors. We will also discuss the significance of non verbal communication in therapy by accessing the unconcious bridging cultural and language barriers and reducing defensiveness through emotional
release through art and transformation of emotions and safe exploration and through emotional benefits of art therapy by healing trauma coping with grief and the therapeutic process of creative recovery self exploration and reflection unearthing subconcious thoughts and using the value of introspection. Using stress reduction and mindfullness. Relaxing meditation practice and exploring the role of minfullness. We will use empowerment and heal through art therapy using self expression and taking ownership of healing .You will join a like minded community 
based art therapy group and learn personal growth and well being 
strategies beyond healing with self discovery and enhanced resilience by working with a professional art lecturer and therapy sessions via an online platform or face to face. 

Price on Application 

Tame Your Inner Critic Course

Body Coach Fitness offers an online course to tame your inner critic a powerful heart centred course to to swap self criticism  self
doubt for self compassion and courage. Would you like to worry less
and feel more in control of your life? If yes you are in the right place
discover the psychology neuroscience that makes self talk powerful
and disrupt your inner critic with new tools to increase resilience
and feel in control. Develop the courage and self compassion to
achieve the goals and growth you deserve. You will get 7 modules
of learning including- tuning into your inner critic ,emotional  shift ,your sabotage , taking the power back ,getting into action, self compassion modules and bonus meditations with local groups delivered over 28 days.


The Art of Self Compassion Course

Body Coach Fitness has a new online course the art of self compassion a 3 month coaching program. Do you struggle to  claim talents and accomplishments or like to be able to help people but feel stretched or overwhelmed .If you answered yes to any any of these questions you are in the right place. TASC or the art of self compassion is for people who really count to get out of their way. There are only 8 places on this course at any given time  so each member gets my full attention. You will receive 7 group coaching calls and have access to 6 learning modules and 2 bonus modules  this will be available via an online portal. With access to a full personality questionnaire at the beginning of the program with comprehensive training videos including modules in - self guided meditations setting you up for success kick start your self compassion declutter design and dream self fulfilling mindset activity for strength resetting boundaries and maintaining motivation.


Emotional Regulation Course

Body Coach Fitness now offers a short online course in emotional  regulation .Many emotions & actions are set off by our thoughts and interpretations of events not by the events themselves. Our actions can have an effect on our thoughts and in this course we will teach you how to " check the facts" and help change our emotions. By asking what emotions you want to change for example. We also offer an emotional regulation questionnaire to fill out taken from a scientifically researched DBT hand out .We offer fact sheets on the fight and flight response and information on the cycle of anxiety producing situations or exposure hierachy and listing situations or triggers & creating a relaxing "safe place" .Imagery &  visualisations   to engage your senses in building a picture in your minds eye .


Distress Tolerance Course

Distress tolerance skills are used for crisis situations and when reality is difficult to accept or if there are strong urges to engage in unskilled behaviour. Popular distress tolerance skills are TIP skills STOP skills half smile ,willing hands and radical acceptance. The skills taught in this online course will not solve the problem but will assist in not making the problem worse. These skills should be combined with problem solving and not over use to the point that they become an avoidance of engaging in life and creating ones life worth living. These distress tolerance skills help with servicing a crisis and in that vein helps to determine what is actual crisis versus what is something that's just uncompatible .We will teach you distress tolerance skills and when to use them and provide work sheets and hand outs along with useful exercises such as pcaed breathing and paired muscle relaxation


A Life Less Anxious

Body Coach Fitness now offers a 6 week online anxiety work shop "A life less anxious" . In this weekly live online work shops series we will take you through a powerful series of tools and techniques designed to change and improve your relationships with anxiety in just 6 weeks. Discover the roots of your anxious mind understand it and control anxiety .Become an ally not an enemy. Face the anxiety and reclaim the life you were meant to lead. Have you ever felt trapped in a cycle of over thinking? Like you are always one step behind your thoughts? You might have tried seeking professional help but the appointments are few and far between. You have landed at the right place with these online work shops. You can break free from the chains of anxiety and reclaim your life. Tackling anxiety isnt just about coping its about thriving in the face of challenges. You can engage in real time discussion and follow educational guidance 

Price= £300.00

Reach Your Peak

Get started with our flagship program. Including everything you need to exercise and to take control of your parkinsons .It is an online training plan which is designed by an expert physiotherapist to gradually build your intensity and duration over 12 weeks where you are encouraged to build up to your ultimate optimal exercise peak. You have the freedom to schedule your work outs at a time that suits you. There are both seated and standing exercise options. This 12 week online course is made up of 12 exercise routines which you follow online, on demand at any time that suits you. You get a new video every 7 days and we want you to repeat this program 5 times that week .Each new routine builds in complexity, intensity & duration ,so by the end of the course you are able to exercise for 30 minutes 5 x a week at a vigorous intensity . This is optimal dose to trigger neurophysiological responses. Which will help your brain. You will have to fill out an online questionnaire before starting the exercise program to ensure the program is suitable for you. But then you are ready to go for 12 weeks of online training for parkinsons.

Price= £250.00

Yoga Sleep Recovery

Sleep recovery is a 5 step yoga based method for improving your sleep ,deepening your rest and waking up happier every day. We work with nature and we bring our habits into balance and sleep deeper and wake up more refreshed. Align with your natural cycles of day and night. Know your sleep type - a constitutional type that helps you to understand what you need to get into balance. We offer sleep recovery training a 5 step program including- repair your body and learn to pull tension out of your body ,so you can curl up and sleep deeply. Use the sleep tracker to banish sleep saboteurs ,you may not realise are getting in the way and discover your personal sleep type to get your sustainable energy tools putting energy back on the grid, and learn how to manage your nervous system out of the stress response and into a relaxation response. Reclaim your mind with mental digestion ,mindfulness and other tools that enable your mind to slow down .Restore emotional balance when life hands you challenges and curveballs your sleep may naturally suffer. From break ups to bereavements use powerful techniques to help you work through what's happening so you can get some rest ,and the last stage reawaken happy ,some times our sleeplessness acts as a powerful wake up call. Re centering yourself ,finding your place in nature and coming back to a sense of purpose and connection to help us feel calmer ,more at ease and able to release into rest. A proven 5 step process for sleep recovery

Price from £250.00