Health Coaching

Deep Rest

Join us for an intimate 8 week coaching course to help you to live with less stress .If you want to recover from stress and release the guilt that stops you from resting with the safety and support of a loving community. Escape the toxic productivity ,learn how to honour your stress rest rythyms and discover the 10 different types of rest and create a tool kit of rest rituals. Experience what being in a state of deep rest actually feels like with deep relaxation. Get 8 weeks of group coaching sessions with Sharon Clare as well as in between session support in our community and and 6 months access to deep rest work shop to continue your relaxed woman journey!

Price =£350.00

Relaxed Eating

If you have been dieting on and off your whole life , if food has become a source of anxiety , guilt and shame if you want to release the eating habits that no longer serves you and begin nourishing yourself .Find a place of peace ,ease and joy this is for you! Develop a relaxed authentic way of eating that supports you in moving towards your unique weight and well being goals in a loving and empowering way. Discover the root of eating pattern that no longer serves you and unlearn food myths , get to know your value, and build life enhancing eating habits and heal your relationships with food through inspirational and educational worksheets , eating practices and journal prompts.


Relaxed Living

If you are struggling to keep up with the machine pace of modern life and always put everyone else first before yourself. Treat yourself as super woman and put everyone else's needs before your own. You will learn key theories of stress and rest. 12 core needs that all humans have and the barriers that get in the way and effective goal setting strategies. To empower you to meet your needs. The relaxed living work shop offers ,psychoeducation on 12 core needs , 6 videos and 80 journal prompts.


Beyond Survival Mode

If you spend your life in a state of fight or "flight" , feel stuck in a state of productivity addiction and want to experience life beyond survival mode, this self paced work shop is for you. Move beyond survival mode and rediscover the  relaxed living empowered woman you truly are. Bring on  self treatment soothing practices so that you can heal from stress and reshape your nervous system. Explore inspirational readings , journal prompts, inner divings, and soothing practices and includes 6 myths access to online work shops so you can explore it at your own pace.


Tiny Moments Of Rest

Tiny moments of rest is for people who yearn to rest. Learn powerful relaxation techniques every day for 30 days .Simple effective tools that relax you and tiny powerful rest rituals that are easy to weave into your busy day. Techniques for when life is really tasking you. Practices and strategies in your life that provide your mind and body with micro moments of rest .You will get 6 weeks access to tiny moments of rest work shops ,psychoeducation ,stress and rest , 30 science backed techniques for rest and relaxation and easy to read instructions on each technique and when to use it and why it works!


Relaxed Work shop

Do you feel guilty of relaxing ,measuring your self worth, by your productivity. You will learn strategies to regulate your nervous system and how to move towards a state of relaxation using a powerful inner diving ,calming health practices and how to soothe a stress response . Feel you have worked hard enough to deserve rest? Unlock your self worth ,discover self limiting beliefs that stop you from relaxing. Explore what being a relaxed person means to you and learn a tool kit of simple strategies to regulate your nervous system 


Menopause 1st Aid

Body Coach Fitness has developed a 1 day delivery Menopause 1st Aid course with subscription to downloadable work books and meno guides and ongoing support and downloadable resource pack. Menopause 1st aid has proved successful when working with HR,OH and equality and diversity teams. Ambassadors are brought onto the program where training covers legal, strategic and leader ship support. It details how to set up support groups and covers in greater depth current information to support businesses and their employees .Learners will have an opportunity to grow and begin to practice their learnings.

Price On Application

Relaxed Woman Coaching

For ambitious women who are stuck in a spiral of chronic stress ,burn out and exhaustion. Some of the ways we support you will be by helping you recover from burn out ,authentic leadership ,low self worth ,thinking as a sensitive person and exploring purpose and meaning. We will take you through a relaxed care journey including rest and recovery , regulation and resistance , relationship and emotional intimacy, rethinking and restorying and realisation and manifestation and revolution and radical change. We offer a 12 week coaching package of 90 minute sessions for healing ,growth and transformation. Our sessions offer you a safe space to heal from the past over 12 weeks ,we will explore your values and goals and work towards what really matters-Good Health!


Functional Medicine Health & Wellbeing Coaching

At Body Coach Fitness we help you discover the happy,healthy and fulfilled life you were intended to live. Functional medicine health and well being coaching takes a look at the bigger picture of your life ,considering health as not just the absence of disease but with the goal of helping clients achieve their personal vision of themselves at their very best ,living their best life. These areas of our lives profoundly impact our sense of fulfilment ,our joy and our self worth .Without balance in these big areas it is hard to find happiness and peace. Working with clients to discover their life they want for themselves. The intention is to explore what has brought them to health coaching and their vision of what they want you to achieve . We can support a wide range of goals .We help introduce and mention lifestyle changes prescribed by physicians for chronic diseases such as auto immune disease , thyroid disease, diabetes , hypertension, inflammatory diseases or dietary interventions. 

Price= Single Session /£75.00
             12 Sessions/£800.00

Fit For Surgery Program

If you are waiting for an operation Body Coach Fitness get fit for surgery program is for you. A eight session package of one to one sessions with your functional medicine health coach. Learn all about strategies providing nutrient full diet options for healthy pre and post operation. Learn effective ways to manage all your fears and anxieties reducing stress levels and to help you break bad habits such as smoking and drinking .We can also help you with sleep cycle patterns and creating a post operative plan for optimal healing and nutritional advice .We offer advice on lifestyle and exercise programming and stress management to create a program tailored to you with an initial consultation session of 90 minutes and ten 60 minute sessions covering strategies of positive psychology ,character strength ,accountability and exercise guidance and dietary support with one summary session of 60 minutes to cover all achievements and maintenance strategies for continued progress.

Price= £750.00