Nutrition Academy


Body Coach Fitness has a selection of in house and external online courses in nutritional health and wellness therapy. Select from a diverse range of nutritional courses for up to date professional nutritional advice ,knowledge and research. Body Coach Fitness also offers face to face nutritional work shops as well. Please select from the list of current courses and work shops below.

The 5 Senses of Food

Body Coach Fitness has developed a food science educational sensory work shop covering the 5 senses. Sensory education is the scientific evaluation and discipline of analysing and measuring human response to the composition of foods and appearance of foods . Plus the touch of food ,hearing ,colour and taste of food. This course is suitable for adults and children and will include some practical demonstrations and activities to learn about the food senses. It will also help you choose food preferences eg- dislikes and likes based on how your food looks, tastes ,feels and sounds which can change your food choices for the better.

Price= £125.00

Food Skills Nutrition Course

The ever popular food skills course has been updated to 13 coaching modules and recipes to support food lessons and extra curricular activities .The statements are challenged to make 3 recipes and all about food hygiene and safety ,healthier eating and cooking on a budget. You can learn all about hands on experience of food and gain confidence in food hygiene and budgeting skills and develop nutrition and coaching skills as well.


Preventing Disease Through Nutrition Course 

Body Coach Fitness has developed a new course in preventing disease through nutrition. Learn about the relationship between diet and disease and discover the role of nutrient rich diets in disease prevention. Understand how good nutrition can prevent disease as diet related disorders and obesity levels are rising .In this case you will learn the relationship between diet and disease and the role that it plays in weight management. You will also learn all about macros and micro nutrients and how having the right balance will help prevent any health related issues and you will also learn all about supplements for disease prevention and good nutrition.


Preventing Childhood Obesity Nutrition Course 

Learn all about preventing childhood obesity via healthy eating physical activity and how to sleep for children under the age of 5 years old. Child hood obesity is one of the biggest health challenges of the 2 1st century and affects over 41,000,000 children under the age of 5. Topics that will be covered are how to make fruit and vegetables attractive , offering healthy snack alternatives, and providing active play and all about sedentary behaviour and creating a healthy sleeping pattern and how improving young children's lifestyle will help prevent childhood obesity.


Nutrition & Wellbeing Nutrition Course 

Demystify the complex messages we here about nutrition and health and lifestyle with this online course. This course will help you to understand the scientific basis of human nutrition. The makings of a healthy diet and why we eat what we eat and when we eat what we eat ,nutrition facts ,myths and the plain truth. You will be able to fully understand nutritional information and the cause of anyone interested in food and nutrition and well being. A fascinating online course all about nutrition, health and well being


The Science Of Nutrition Course

An online course in the science of nutrition. Have you ever looked at food labels and understood what kg's mean? Would you like to know more about protein and fats? You will learn all about biology and how the bodies digestive system and blood stream processes food. You will learn all the science behind dieting advice and how we are facing a world obesity epidemic. This course will cover basic chemistry of food components such as protein and carbohydrates and all about digestive function.

Price= £125.00