Buggy Fitness


Buggy Fitness at Body Coach Fitness is a fitness group with a variety of classes around the county of Suffolk UK. We offer buggy fitness  boot camps ,buggy fitness classes and 1-2-1's as well as more intense strength training ,accountability and personal training options. We keep mums ( & dads) to achieve their fitness goals whether it's simply to get moving after having a baby or help feel fitter overall. With classes being held at various times of day and locations ,we help fit into your life and give you some time to work on yourself!

Buggy Fitness  Boot Camp

Our evening buggy fitness boot camps are great for focusing on your self and taking your fitness to the next level each week .We offer a wide range of classes including 3 x evening bootcamps .Our aim is to help mums of all different abilities to reach their potential in a fun boot camp environment.

Price=£15.00 per class

Buggy Fitness Classes

Bring the little ones and enjoy the fresh air with our buggy fitness classes .We utilise parks and land areas to help you get fit. We offer 4 different buggy fitness classes per week, to help you reach your  personal fitness goals and socialise with like minded people.If you are looking for something a bit more 1-2-1 we also offer 1-2-1  training sessions to help you work on your own targets and goals helping you work to your own abilities.

Class Price= £15.00 per session
1-2-1  Price= £50.00 per session

Strong Mums 

Learn how to lift properly and focus on getting stronger. This is at a private small gym with an intimate setting. The aim is to teach mums to strength train for functional strength so that they can look after their young child. It is held in a friendly environment and gives you the opportunity to meet and socialise with like minded people.

Price= £15.00 per group class

Accountability & Weight Loss Coaching

Busting the myths around weight loss is our aim. We help you gain tangible skills to help you lose weight whenever you want to. We offer this remotely to help work around your schedule. Our accountability and weight loss coaching group will look at group and 1-2-1 Buggy fitness classes at home and in the gym with a personalised exercise and nutrition program available through our Body Coach Fitness Buggy Fitness App. Offering personalised weight loss coaching post baby .Kick start your weight loss journey  with this new Body Coach Fitness service.

Price on Application