Stride Biolab

StrideDNA Genetic Test

Body Coach Fitness now incorporates the worlds most precise lab test in practice .The StrideDNA  Test via Stride Biolabs ,which is available only through qualified professional nutritionists and health practitioners. A complete diagnostic solution with a wealth of experience through an in house UK laboratory. With expert data analysis and comprehensive results on a digital platform, for every client ,making it easy to navigate your health and well being journey. The StrideDNA Test unlocks genetic insights into 162 genetic markers. Via a home test kit ,including nutrigenomics , fitness, exercise ,mental health and pharmacogenetics and disease predispositions. Results are available in only 5 working days. These insights will personalise diet plans ,optimise fitness levels and improve mental wellbeing and help people understand their disease risks. It will look into your individual responses ,microbiome response, exercise response, injury predisposition ,stress and sleep response and cognitive performance ,drug interactions and obesity risk and type 2 diabetes risk and bone mineral density risk. This test includes the following genetic markers- ADH1C,CAT,GDX1,TAS2R38,


Stride Biome Genetic Test

Discover your gut health with Body Coach Fitness and Stride Biolabs new panel Stride Biome. It looks into your diversity of your gut and 73 different pathogen insights. Via a home stool test collection kit which offers precision personalised microbiome reporting. You can see your results on the Stride pro diagnostic management platform The Stride microbiome test panel will provide you with insights into the diversity of your gut health and the turn around of test results should be within 10 working days . Each of us has a unique gut with a different balance of good and bad microbes that are linked to lifestyle habits . Microbiome analysis not only identifies microbe diversity but it also guides you in a more personalised nutrition intervention program to enhance the precense of good microbes leading to better health .It will help you discover microbe diversity of the phylum family genus with an in depth report of digestive health.

Out in May 2024 

Stride Blood Tests

Discover vital knowledge through your blood via Stride Blood test . Offering insights into 40+ biomarker insights with a home blood collection test and precision blood test reporting. All test results wil be back within 2 working days. The Stride blood test offers a fully comprehensive window into your current health analysing essential biomarkers including lipids, hormones, and nutrient levels. Your results will enable you to improve your health and well being in as little as 3 months by modifying your diet,fitness & lifestyle. Regular testing helps to track your progress and make informed adjustments ensuring continuous health improvements. It looks at cardiovascular issues such as lipids and cholesterol and hormone health and endocrinology and also looks at female and male hormone panels ,vitamins, and metabolism and glucose levels & thyroid issues such as under and over active thyroid. health.

Coming Out Soon In 2024