Advanced Pathways Test

The new advanced pathways genomic test is SMART gut DNA's test that allows us to understand the key SNP's we require for methylation ,detoxification and neurotransmitters. This report will provide and support you to make informed decisions regarding your health and wellbeing. APOE is a factor in cardiovascular health as well as alzheimers and this test looks into this as well as 300 other SNP's to do with methylation and detoxification. This new test uses cutting edge scientific research looking at your guts advanced microbiome pathways.


Genomic Wellness Pathway  Test

This SMART gut genomic wellness pathway test ,tests for over 160 DNA changes . It is an affordable scientifically backed up to date & comprehensive analysis with action steps to assist the health  practitioner with a personalised optimal wellness program for you.  It analyses lipid metabolism, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, inflammation, sodium sensitivity, co enzyme Q10 ,omega 3 & 6 ,vitamins, methylation and choline caffeine metabolism coeliac disease & lactose intolerance, oxidative stress ,phase 1 & 2 detox ,& weight management 


SMART Gut Microbiome Test

The SMART gut microbiome test sequences all of the bacteria in your microbiome that plays a part in your wellness. SMART gut uses a SMART HIT database of machine learning that analyses your bacteria sample. It will provide insights into the level of diversity of bacteria in your microbiome. A dysbiosis compass and looks into the ratio of 2 main microbiome groups. Learn how your microbiome profile is working, and all the bacteria species involved in your microbiome. The Advanced SMART gut microbiome test will look at insights and components of fats ,carbohydrates, proteins and dietary foods and key vitamins and neurotransmitters which are associated with health and ill health outcomes, and key insights into your microbiome with our interactive krona plot.

Price= £550.00

IBS Gut Detector Test

The IBS Gut detector test sequences all of the key bacteria associated with the detection of IBS. SMART gut DNA uses SMART HIT database technology with machine learning to look into the species diversity of bacteria associated with IBS in your gut. It will look at dysbiosis , and composite mapping will demonstrate the proportionof bacteria in your sample and the ratio of the 2 main groups of gut micro biome bacteria and your dietary intake and how it affects your microbiome, &species identification of bacteria and commensals and the advanced IBS gut detector test will also look into vitamins and neurotransmitters which are associated with IBS and health outcomes.

Price= 550.00

Gut Spectrum Detector Test

SMART gut DNA has patented a gut spectrum test which sequences bacteria associated with autism.SMART gut spectrum disorder test has its own data base system SMART HIT, which uses machine learning. It helps compare your microbiome with other healthy microbiomes & measures the 2 main groups of bacteria in the gut microbiome. It determines data affecting your microbiome .The advanced gut spectrum detector test will also look into the levels of bacteria and neurotransmitters which are associated with health and health outcomes.