Fitness & Nutrition Concierge

Choose from any of the following options to forma nutrition and fitness concierge package to suit you. Choose from DNA lifestyle and wellness testing to form a customised fitness and nutrition program, grocery shopping list and meal planner , grocery pick up and delivery , meal prep and other food errands , restuarant recommendations, online grocery shopping and customised meal plans and health champion cookery class, personalised vitamins, supplements and meal boxes delivered to your door and personalised fitness plans face to face or virtual

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Life Style Concierge

Body Coach Fitness Life style concierge service is especially for busy travellers, businesses and corporate and any one seeking assistance with their daily life at work or leisure. Please choose from the following options to create your own Body Coach Fitness Life style concierge package. Choose from virtual assistance with online shopping, calender management ,travel arrangements and booking appointments, special occasion , event management and party planning for business/home, travel bookings for business , fitness breaks , health and wellness management , personalised travel supplements and full life style concierge service covering business, home and travel and family.

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Health & Wellness Concierge

Body Coach Fitness Health and wellness concierge service works with the 8 pillars of health and wellness -Mind, cardiovascular system, hormonal , digestive health, metabolism, genetics ,MSK and environment. The health concierge blue print for optimal wellness consists of 3 stages-measure, design and deliver. Eg measure your optimal wellness through laboratory testing, design a bespoke customised exercise program and deliver a health and wellness program designed unique to you.

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Healthy Home Concierge

No one can feel healthy in an unhealthy home environment. Body Coach Fitness healthy home concierge offers assistance in improving your home /home office environment for healthy home making. The Healthy home concierge includes a de cluttering service ,home and work space adaptions , fitness space design, and general home maker services such as meal prep, pet and home sitting and much more .

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Sports Luxe Concierge

As an athlete most of your time is spent training and competing giving limited time and resources for looking after yourself. Start living the life of your dreams outside of sport with a Sports Luxe concierge service. With bespoke nutrition and life style programmes together with introductions to sports luxe brands and venues .The sporting life without any worries. A bespoke package will include scheduling of sports travel, venues and specific sporting needs , introduction to sports luxe brands , resorts and health clubs, arrangement of adventure sports  activity breaks , outdoor leisure trips for your sport, life style planning for at home and play, sports coaching and nutritional programming and much more

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Physical Therapy Concierge

Body Coach Fitness Physical therapy concierge service provides you with one to one physical therapy in the comfort of your training facility, home, office , hotel or on the field .Physical therapy for the enhancement and restoration of movement function by using therapeutic exercise and physical modalities . 

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