Diet & Healthy Weight DNA Test

Starting a new diet? Are you sure that the diet compliments your genetic make up? Take the GTLDNA diet and healthy weight DNA test to find the correct answers. With this test you can create a diet plan that matches your genes drastically improving your chances of reaching your goals faster and meeting your weight targets sooner.  Results from your test are available within 30 - 45 business days. Your results will unlock the key to weight loss and how to utilise fats, carbs and protein in your diet and your cardio response and strength training response to exercise.


Skin Care DNA Test

Despite all the products and supplements etc you can buy to help your skin you could do so much more! With the GTLDNA Skin care DNA test. It introduces a revolutionary approach to skin care .The GTLDNA skin care DNA test is the key to creating a personalised skin care regime which will lead to visible skin care results .Using guess work is now a thing of the past ! This test will enable you to choose the right skin care products and supplements etc based upon the results of this DNA test .Test results will be available within 30- 45 business days .


Lactose Intolerance DNA Test

Lactose intolerance can cause severe to moderate discomfort. If you are lactose intolerant then you can experience some symptoms associated with lactose intolerance including flatulence, bloating and nausea. The time for your lactose intolerance test has arrived-there is no more accurate or scientific way of establishing whether you carry the gene which places you at an elevated risk of lactose intolerance than by taking this DNA test. 


Celiac Disease DNA Test

Do you experience discomfort such as abdominal bloating  after you eat certain foods ? Do you think you could be a celiac? Genetic testing laboratories offer celiac disease genetic testing including GTLDNA testing. The results of your celiac disease test will be available within 30 - 45 business days.


Genetic Predisposition DNA Test

Genetic testing laboratories are leading providers of health genetic testing services. The GTLDNA health test for all of your genetic predispositions looks into 35 different diseases .We test for diseases in many different groups including cardiovascular disease and auto immune disease. All the diseases we test for are genetically linked.