Mental Health

Mental Health Basics

Body Coach Fitness offers an online and face to face work shop course for mental health basics and emotional needs. To help people get a better understanding of how to support themselves and contribute to a healthy family, work place and community. A half day course taking you through the mental health continuum with resources in emotional needs. Meeting emotional needs trigger symptoms will improve mental health. We will undo misconceptions about mental health and help you better understand mental healthand help reduce the cost of sickness absence. It covers trauma and  emotional needs and sleep and depression ,it goes beyond the signs and symptoms and will help with stress management and refresh your skills to support your mental health.


Trauma & Understanding It

Trauma experiences can bring back bad memories ,flash backs and dissociation .Symptoms can become worse if not looked into. This course will show you trauma informed practice for support and treatment. It will improve your understanding of trauma to help normalise the symptoms of trauma and equip you with knowledge  skills to support some one with trauma.  This course will cover subjects such as- dissociation ,control over trauma, biology of trauma and what is trauma? and supporting access to trauma support . You will gain confidence to ensure that if some one needs support you will be able to help support them through their trauma.


Stress Management

Increase awareness of stress within the family,work and community. This online course /work shop will help prevent stressful situations leading to improved mental and physical well being. Stress ia a natural reaction to a challenge but the way you react to it and the way you cope with it determines whether it affects you negatively or not.  Our stress management course will increase awareness of stress and how it affects your mental wellbeing. It covers an introduction to the mental health continuum ,practical tools and a full days mental health basics training as well.


Sleep Well Course

A virtual interactional online course raisning awareness of sleeping well to work well,play well and live well. It takes 2 hours to complete and raises awareness of how to get a good nights sleep. Addressing insomnia and boosting mental health and physical well being. Sleep is optimal to our health and helps improve our emotional needs. This course will remove barriers to getting a good nights sleep and helps address and improve mental well being . It will also cover how to reduce worrying and the role of dreams in your sleep and practical tips and tricks for improved sleep.


Time Line Therapy

Body Coach Fitness now offers time line therapy .Used to get to the root cause of undesired emotions ,taking the learnings from those which are positive and productive for the future allowing them to overcome limiting beliefs which transpired from them. You can then focus on creating the future you want and deserve .Time line therapy is a disassociation technique and you will not be reliving past trauma but identify and acknowledging the root cause of trauma and undesired emotions (anger, sadness, guilt, & hurt) & allowingyou to overcome and let go of the blocks and limitations which have transpired from them making room for new and empowering beliefs that will serve you in life! The process is designed in a way which encourages you to use active imagination and accesses you sub concious mind. Afterwards we will work on what you feel is your biggest limitation as time line therapy will have allowed you to let go of limiting beliefs you have taken on. Leave the session session feeling empowered . Time line therapy will include 3 sessions which can be followed up with coaching in a particular area.

Price on Application

Happy From Inside Out

Are you tired of not being happy as you know you can be in your life ?Do you wonder why you keep repeating the same patterns and seeing similar results in your relationships day after day despite your best efforts. Have you felt frustrated or guilty for not living up to your ideals of being a loving caring partner ,parent or person? You are not alone . Body Coach Fitness offers the Happy from inside out program ! that integrates the most effective coaching & therapeutic methods with heart, mind and soul into a holistic integrated program tailored to help you become the partner, parent or person you truly want to be . This coaching program will include 4 phases including the whats up? phase giving insight into your inner world and phase 2 wake up ! looking to shift focus to inner wisdom and discovering methods to draw upon joy and healing ,the show up phase linking 3 ingredients to show up for yourself and the growth phase implementing a proven system to heal your wounds and positively fuel your present and future. This program & journey is for anyone who has the courage to look at what lies beneath the surface of your life ! So you can unveil the kind person, partner or parent within you ,so you are happy from the inside out!

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Personality Disorder Or Complex Emotional Needs Workshop 

Body Coach Fitness now offers a 6 part online work shop on zoom that runs over 6 consecutive weeks in personality disorders and complex emotional needs. The work shop has been designed for family, friends and partners who are involved with some one with this complex  condition. We aim to bring people together to support and learn from each other in an inclusive atmosphere and also exploring topics and skills of interest and offering space for meaningful conversations about the caring experience. Topics covered in the online work shop are :- exploring personality disorder and complex emotional and relational needs, supporting some one experiencing difficult emotions, validation and containment, recovery, discovery and management , walking the middle path, boundaries, advocacy and sharing resources ideas and advice . 
Price=£ 200.00