MyDNA Health

MyDNA Health

A personalised analysis of your health genetics looking into DNA that affects your lifetstyle and nutrition. A comprehensive analysis of genetic markers influencing your weight management. 16 health reports with personal reccomendations for food to eat for your bodily needs. It will also let you know the ideal exercises to follow and give you a healthy lifetstyle program based on your test results. Discover how your genes  affect your diet and lifestyle and nutrition with this powerful DNA test looking into appetite, sleep management, stress, blood sugar levels, saturated fat balance ,cholesterol levels and omega 3 & 6 fats and vitamin D levels and much more.


Optimal Health Pro

A unique 360 degree approach to working with your DNA. With easy to understand reports on various diffrent genetic variants. This test will look into 25 different genetic areas. It will look at how your genes are impacting your lifestyle . Optimal health pro will give you genetic reports on sleep and stress, appetite regulation, saturated fats, cholsterol levels, omega 3 & 6 balance, blood sugar control, oxidative stress, detoxification, oestrogen balance, APOE , coeliac risk, caffeine, lactose, vitamin D ,antioxidants and lifestyle ,exercise and diet.



Menosupport by Isowoman is a natural supplement to support all stages of the menopause. The Menosupport contains 40% pyhto oestrogens providing daidzein, glycetein and genistein as well as vitamins B6 & B7 ,calcium, and marine collagen. It is recommended for hot flushes ,night sweats and  mood swings .


Detox Support

Detox support contains an array of herbs ,vitamins and minerals to help alleviate symptoms associated with toxic overload. Detox support also has been formulated to provide methyl donor nutrient s to help support people who need extra donor nutrients in trhe body. Methyl group are the bodys messangers which join with other compounds to start a reaction such as turning a gene or enzyme on. The methylation and glutathione systems are 2 of the most important pathways in the body.



Serene herbal supplement has herbs and vitamins and minerals for healing. It is a natural supplement containing nutrients that help stress and anxiety and help prevent chronic stress. It can also help with insomnia and for overall health and well being. This prolonged stress stress can cause digestive issues ,metabolic issues and other health conditions. It contains a variety of ingredients including - L Taurine , L citrate, vitamins B5,B6,B6,B12 & B1 amaong others.



Sleep contains ingredients that help keep a busy mind calm and under control. It also stimulates the natural production of melatonin for sleep relaxation. Sleep is a supplement that is not addictive and habit forming. Achieving a natural sleep pattern and it also supports grehlin, serotonin and cortisol levels.