Corporate Health

Corporate Active Community Hub

Welcome to Body Coach Fitness corporate active community hub. Its vision is to activate , engage and motivate your work force for better productivity and a happier healthier work place for all. Making a positive impact on the health and lifestyle of employees within the working community and creating an active community. A good balance between work place, community and behaviour change with positive results in mind. A five step approach to employee and active community engagement getting the inactive , active more often through physical activity, sports and play! The program consists of activity community outcome sessions, increasing participation and reducing inactivity workshops, getting the inactive , active through sports and educational nutritional focused engagement sessions and a corporate active communities action pack as well.

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Corporate Genetics

Body Coach Fitness mission is to offer professional choice and support to work places. The pathway genetics test is an international laboratory test available through Body Coach Fitness.Absence from work is estimated to be 29 bn and 15 bn is down to poor mental health. Companies could save millions by looking after their employees health. This test can be added to a work places corporate scheme and Body Coach Fitness program. It offers advanced genetic profiling and a dashboard with all results and data .Body Coach Fitness can also come and give you a epigenetic presentation to your work force explaining all about the test .The test covers nutritional recommendations including details on recommended supplements. It also includes data on sleep, stress levels and mental psychology as well as lifestyle changes based on test results. Please contact Body Coach Fitness for more information on this test.

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Exercise Therapy At Your Desk

Work place wellness and exercise therapy at your desk via Skype.A combination of I move freely biomechanics based functional movement exercises , balance, core, and postural exercises which can be applied whilst in your immediate work environment , no need for gym equipment and lots of space. It includes a consultation assessment at work via skype , a plan of action eg- daily, weekly or monthly long term plan. Personalised work based exercises based on the I move freely technique ,with no gym equipment needed. A complementary home based exercise program will also be included and constant review and evaluation of programmes. 

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Ergonomic Work Smarter Bundle

Your office furniture should be an investment that grows and moves with you! The space in which we work directly impacts the quality of work and your health and wellbeing. This ergonomic bundle can be customised for your individual business needs and budget. You will receive an office audit and guidelines with best practice to deliver effective change for the culture of the sit to stand office working. An example ergonomic bundle could include an anti fatigue mat, active stool, desk riser and other ergonomic accessories. You could even add a treadmill desk or sit to stand desk. Please contact Body Coach Fitness about this new bundle.

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Myzone Corporate Wellness

Encourage your employees to be more active at work as well as at home with the Body Coach Fitness Myzone Corporate Wellness program. With the annual cost of sickness absence estimated at over 100 million in the UK employee health and wellbeing is at the centre of debate to help reduce absences . Body Coach Fitness Myzone Corporate Wellness program is a customised tailored service to help improve your employees overall wellness with added accountability. The program will include - a full health and wellness consultation a 6-12 week exercise and nutrition program, a Myzone belt /watch system as part of the program, mental health and wellbeing coaching, incentive reward scheme and additional services from the corporate range including genetic testing for employees.

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Work Place Wellness Workshops

All people benefit from a helping hand with back care and posture related issues. Office workers who are mainly seated all day or hard manual workers and even house wives carrying babies can benefit from this wellness workshop. Body Coach Fitness can help correct upper and lower back issues, help with tension headaches , help with repetitive strain injuries and much more. Please book this workshop for your employees by contacting Body Coach Fitness

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Heart Health Program

Body Coach Fitness now offers the Big 5 heart health program . For companies and sports teams interested in investing for improved future health, productivity, engagement and performance. It can help to prevent cardiovascular disease in your employees. By identifying the big 5 key risk factors involved in CVD . Body Coach Fitness can come to your work place to conduct 1-2-1 heart health checks .The appointments are half an hour long per person and check for blood pressure, glucose levels, body mass index, waist circumference  and cholesterol. Each individual will receive a heart health age calculation and a personal report and healthy lifestyle recommendations for improved heart health

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Corporate Nutrition

If you value your employees health and want to reduce staff sickness then Body Coach Fitness Corporate Nutrition may be for you!. It is a comprehensive package of healthy nutrition advice ,lab testing and education. Body Coach Fitness Corporate Nutrition is unique and more in depth than most other corporate nutritional services . You can choose the exact schedule for your employees including educational seminars, nutrition online, food shopping experiences, food lab testing, and food diary analysis .A truly bespoke corporate service 

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Corporate Wellness Holidays

Body Coach Fitness now offers corporate wellness holidays or breaks .A customised corporate incentive travel program . Improving employee morale and productivity , team skills, reducing health care costs and absenteeism. It includes your own certified PT and nutrition coach , activities such as team building games, stretch and flex sessions, relaxation and mindfulness sessions, walking , running and small group exercise classes, seminars and nutrition workshops and much more. Please contact Body Coach Fitness for more information

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Corporate Retreats Talks & Work Shops

In the last few years work places have been woken up to the reality that healthier employees are essential to increased productivity and business success. The plethora of wellbeing initiatives that keep springing up means that any business not engaging with the wellbeing of of their staff risk leaving behind the curve and employees have responded by making mental health and wellbeing their priority. I am passionate about better nutrition in the workplace , how we can support physical and mental health conditions. I am available for corporate nutrition food demo workshops , wellness weeks ,sessions, or larger presentations and a variety of nutritional topics including- gut instincts , healing plant based nutrition ,helping healthy hormones 101 and how to boost energy and avoid burnout. Best tips for liver detox. I can offer nutrition talks and Q&A's as well as food demos and workshops such as fermentation , health smoothies , raw chocolate , or anything bespoke , and tailor made to suit you!

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Leadership Coaching & Corporate Consulting

For forward thinking leaders and executives who want to nuture the women and men in the organisations and get the support they need to do their most meaningful work. We create bespoke experiences to guide you and your people on the path to personal, professional and organisational transformation. Only 2 out of 10 employees strongly agree that they are supported in a way that motivates them to do outstanding work. We partner with a limited number of like minded organisations to offer support and training in the space of culture change ,leadership ,well being ,gender equity and high performance. We create personalised experiences for your organisation based on what matters to you, what drives you and how to define and measure success. We blend cutting edge in psychology, neuroscience and behaviour change .We create experiences and programmes to guide you and your people on the path of personal, professional and organisational transformation.

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The Relaxed Leader

Leadership can be a lonely path .We are here for you on your journey to being a relaxed leader. The relaxed leader is  a bespoke executive coaching package for "CEO's" and  "leaders" of all genders. Relaxed leadership is rooted primarily in our way of being no all in what we do. At relaxed leader we bring out the greatness in our people by offering them support ,safety and trust .The relaxed  leader is a bespoke coaching programme designed specifically for you. This can take 6 months to a year with weekly coaching sessions ,day long immersive experiences or coaching packages tied in with larger organisational development or cultural change programmes.

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