Fulgent Genetics

Fulgent Genetics Picture Parenting  Test Kit

A snapshot of your family's future from a simple saliva sample discover whether you have genetic variations that could be passed on to your baby. We look for over 30 conditions that are relatively common across different populations. Even of you do not have a family history of a genetic condition you may carry the risk of passing this on to your children .Fulgent genetics parenting can calculate those risks giving you a confirmed look at your family's future. Because informed parenting is better family planning. 

Price=£ 295.00

Fulgent Genetics Picture Wellness Test Kit

Learn your genetic risks for cancer or a cardiovascular condition. Explore your health at it's most fundamental level of genetics. Because understanding your risk now means being better prepared for your future. We analyse more than 70 genes which are associated with over 40 conditions that could indicate a health risk. Fulgent Picture wellness identifies variants in your DNA that may be helpful.


Fulgent Genetics Picture Newborn Test Kit 

A DNA test for your baby that covers 200+ rare diseases with Fulgent Genetics Picture Newborn you can go beyond the standard.Early detection of a rare disorder may save your child's life. Get active insights into your Newborn genetics to benefit your family tomorrow. 


Fulgent Genetics Picture PD Aware Test Kit

A genetic test that gives you early insights into your future. Fulgent genetics picture PD Aware makes it easier to find out your risk of parkinson's disease ,and plan for the years ahead. It examines 7 genes associated with parkinsons disease development eg- CRRK2VPS35, SNCA, GBA, PINK1, PRKN & PARK7. Looking into your future .


Fulgent Genetics Picture PGX Test Kit

Fulgent Genetics picture PGX analyses 18 genes to help identify which medications work best for you with specific genetic conditions .The variants tested for are - CYP2B6, CYPC19,CYP2C9CYP2D6,CYP3AS,CYP4F2,DPYD, G6PD,HLA-B, IFNL4,NAT2 among others.